Top 10 Most Ridiculous Reasons To Sue Someone

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6. The injured pedestrian versus Google maps

The revolutionary navigation devices are meant to replace traditional maps, not common sense. In this case, Lauren Rosenberg had to learn it the hard way. Following the directions given by Google Maps, she made her way on foot to Utah State Road 224, a highly circulated highway that also goes by the name of Deer Valley Drive only to notice that there was no pedestrian sidewalk. Long story short, she continued her walk towards Park City and got run over by a car and sued Google for it, demanding $100,000 reparations. In all fairness, the aforementioned route is clearly marked as heavily circulated highway and the fact that she did not notice alternative pedestrian roads, so the case was dismissed.


7. The story of the 67 million dollar pants

Roy Pearson, who was a judge in Washington D.C. made good use of his legal training and sued Custom Cleaners – a small, family owned dry cleaning company – for no less than 67 million dollars. He stated, quite eloquently for that matter, that the dry cleaners betrayed his trust and their policy of guaranteed customer satisfaction when they lost his favorite pair of pants. The trial ended when the owner of the dry cleaner presented in court holding the said pair of pants, in spite of the fact that Roy Pearson has never actually admitted those were his pants.


8. RIAA versus the dead “pirate’s” daughter

RIAA is taking music piracy quite seriously it seems. Otherwise, why would they bother sending a warning letter to a person who allegedly uploaded 700 illegal tracks on the internet 1 year after her death? In short, Gertrude Walton’s daughter is still disputing the charges of music piracy filed by RIAA, although she has already sent them the death certificate as well as testimonials that her mother didn’t knew how to operate a computer!


9. The man who took the Jackass idiom to a whole new level

When you legally change your name to Jack Ass, you should be prepared for the repercussions. Mr. Ass – who was an anti alcohol campaign promoter and utilized his name as part of the slogan – filed a lawsuit against Viacom’s popular show Jackass for defamation. Needless to say, the lawsuit was dismissed pretty quickly because, after all, why would you even change your name to Jack Ass?


10. Robert Lee Brock versus himself

The Brock versus Brock was a carefully orchestrated scheme in which Robert Lee Brock sued himself for “violating his civil rights” when, after ingesting a large amount of alcohol, he was apprehended by the police. Because he was sentenced to 23 years in the slammer, he had no income to pay himself the reparations. This means that – providing he won – the State of Virginia would owe him 5 million dollars. He didn’t, the case was immediately rejected as frivolous!

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