Top 10 Most Irritating Facebook Friends From Your Past

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6. The “undertaker”


Quote the raven, “Bad news, gentlemen!”. The undertaker represents the stereotype of the person who only goes on Facebook to announce the tragic death or accident of a former teacher/colleague. The bearer of bad news as he is also referred to, will mass spam everyone to show how much he cares about the tragedy and present his best wishes. Oddly enough, he was never really in contact with the victim and he will never actually visit him at the hospital or attend the funeral. The posts are just his ways of seeking absolution, as the undertaker is probably the high school reject’s emotional blackmail dupe.


7. The former BFF

former bff

Everyone promises to stay friends forever in high school, but all ties break eventually. In fact, you probably don’t even recall that you were actually someone’s BFF at one point until he pops out of nowhere to remind you. Strangely how they always tend to contact you before an important moment in their lives – e.g. settling down or having kids – only to evoke the carefree days of high school. In essence, all they really need is closure, which would permit them to end a chapter of their life. Least annoying one of their bunch at this point, but it depends what they turn into later.


8. The pompous jackass

pompous jackass

Why the highly accomplished, notoriously wealthy former friend/acquaintance is irritating needs no explanation. Everything from their condescending tone to the more or less deserved success and their pompous attitude can and will get on your nerves. Don’t worry, if at first you are genuinely happy for them, jealousy will rear its ugly head eventually. After all, he’s doing his best to trigger this reaction.


9. The (religious) nutcase

the religious nutcase

Whether or not religion has something to do with his lunacy, he will try to share his newfound “spiritual” beliefs with you and constantly attempt to co-opt/convert you to what he considers the right path. Why? Simply because he thinks you deserve to be saved for being such a nice person. The really infuriating thing about him is the jargon idioms utilized to confer credibility to his claims, but the unfaltering conviction and perseverance of this brainwashed nutjob are no walk in the park either.


10. Who are you?

Who are you

Lastly, you have the one whose name, face and personality you cannot really recall, in spite of his claims that you two were inseparable in the old days. He will quote various adventures and “crazy schemes” you pulled off together, while you sit there looking at the screen with a blank expression on your face thinking “What in God’s name are you talking about?” or “How did you even find me?”

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