Top 10 Sin Cities in the World

Sin cities in which you can pursue vice and debauchery have existed throughout history — from Rome’s glory days where you could follow up your bet on a gladiator fight with an orgy to Shanghai where you could float for days on drug and sex highs in opium dens.

“Sin” cities are also the most liberal places on the planet, where nothing is taboo, where sex and drugs are a way to life, where no activity is illegal and there are no laws to govern all this.

This list examines top 10 modern day sin cities in the world. Who made the list – let’s find out.

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1. Pattaya, Thailand


If Bangkok is the ‘New York’ of Southeast Asia, then Pattaya fits right in as its southern Sin City. Located just 90 miles south of the congested metropolis, you can find your way to Pattaya easily by buses that run daily, or if you’re confident in your haggling skills, taxis run between the two cities regularly. Cab fare from Bangkok to Pattaya is likely to cost around $50, or 1500 Baht in the local currency, though you can generally find a cheaper cab returning to the capital.Nightlife abounds in Pattaya with back-to-back beer and Go-Go bars.

If you’re looking for a low key pub they are few and far between, but they do exist. I would recommend grabbing a table at one of the handful of ‘cocktail bars’ located throughout the city.  If you dare head down Walking Street, located at the far end of Beach Road and Pattaya’s official red-light district, it won’t be long before you begin to confuse the night with a scene from the movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ It is great for people watching, but keep your eyes on your belongings; the spectacle of the street makes a perfect distraction for pickpockets. For the club cravers, tread to the end of Walking Street where nightclubs offers a dance floor and popular music.


2. Manama, Bahrain


The featured Mancation destination in the Middle East is a modern capital with strong European influence, since 1/3 of the population are foreigners. Bahrain is also the only country in the region that allows alcohol. It’s notorious for it prostitutes, who come from all over Europe and Asia and are are best found at the Manama hotels.

So welcome to the party oasis of the Middle East. Connected by a causeway to nearby Saudi Arabia, Manama is a popular spot for Saudis to kick back from their country’s restrictive laws. Here you can get hammered, go clubbing, mingle with the opposite sex, and if they’re really daring, they can pick up prostitutes — a practice that’s illegal but widely available. While Manama is still largely a Muslim city, a third of its residents are foreigners, so it has led to a much more liberal culture that gave women the vote in 2001, and let them drive cars. For many Saudi males this proximity to an open culture is irresistible and many jam the causeway and fill flights to the city every weekend.


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Netherlands entire reputation lies in its one city, Amsterdam, a city for foreigners as it is one of the most well-known sin cities in the world. This is mainly due to the light drug laws on the distribution of marijuana; it is not uncommon that some of the marijuana cafes can serve up to 5 kilos or more a day of the euphoria inducing drug. The way you can get your high in the city is through tea, in cigarette form, in pies, cakes, brownies and even munching on a bud. The drugs are not the only thing the brings visitors to Amsterdam, it is also the city’s red light district, where you can literally find men and women on display. When the red light is flashing that means that those on display are ready for business…well that is just a more polite way of saying prostitution is legal there.


4. Tijuana, Mexico


Cross this busy US-Mexico international border station and you may think you’ve crossed into the Wild West. The 21-year-old drinking age is now 18, illegal prostitution is now legalized and zoned and can be found in the red light district called “La Coahuila.” People on the street can now also solicit prescription drugs and illegal drugs for sale, strip clubs encourage a “hands on” policy with its strippers, and tequila is dirt cheap. Safety is never a priority here.


5. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is every sinner’s paradise where a friend of mine lost $3500 on one night at a strip club. You can gamble all day and night, including in the airport and prostitution, while not technically legal, is legally known as “escort services.” You’ll see plenty advertised on magazine stands and guys will solicit escort service cards at you as you walk The Strip.

Most Embarrassing Mom Ever


6. New Orleans

New Orleans

Two words come to mind about this city and they are Mardi Gras. If you’re looking for a week of festivities, dancing, feasting and drinking consider attending it and trying some of the best Southern food.


7. Berlin, Germany


Prostitution is very much legal in Germany and Berlin is centered at the heart of the industry. There are plenty of red light districts for you to visit and see what can be offered to you.


8. Macau, China


Macau is China’s La Vegas. They have so many celebrities, with casinos, shows and performances for the discerning soul. You can even enjoy the service of a massage parlor there. China as a whole is not big on casinos and gambling, so this is your only chance to get in on the action while inside.

Gambling in China may be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.


9. Moscow, Russia


What happens when a culture that has been bottled for decades finally gets uncorked? Madness! Lunacity! You’ll find every kind of nightclub — from hardcore techno to rock to trance — jammed with people from across Europe. Do you want to get into a long-term relationship? No need to mail-order when you can meet a wife at clubs and strip clubs near Red Square. Prostitution is illegal, but punishments are often paid off with rubles. You’ll see prostitutes out in the open at tochkas(outdoor markets for prostitutes) or at the city’s clubs.


10.  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio De Janeiro

Hot beats and hot beach bodies have long made certain that this hot Brazilian city its number one status as the world’s sexiest city. Throw in a flourishing mountain backdrop, miles of magnificent beaches and the most colorful and sensual street party around (Rio Carnaval) and it’s easy to see why the citizens of Rio de Janeiro have labeled their home the Marvelous City. But beneath Rio’s curvaceous exterior lurks an ugly secret. In a city obsessed with body consciousness and vanity, plastic surgery is today as common as a haircut.



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27 Responses

  1. lexbirch

    Think this article needs careful reviewing….biggest load of trash reporting i have ever read. Bahrain coming in at no.2 is simply rediculous. there are plenty of other countrys that beat Bahrain but u neglect to report them. you can tell its a load of BS!!

  2. Ahmed From Bahrain

    BAHRAIN is the SECOND COMMOOON, yes there is bad stuff here but this is totally exaggeration what happens here is not even counted compared to normal US strip bar, we don’t have strip bars we don’t have prostitution houses and those are illegal in this country there are some business men who make it in unofficial way but can’t be considered as part of the country ,we have sins here but this article multiplied it by 100 and went way away from reality,,,

  3. john

    This lie, I live in Manama and know that you will want to tarnish its reputation, there are here like the rest of the States, prostitution is very natural and good for people that Islam is the best religion is prevalent in the city.

  4. Mohamed-Manama-Bahrain

    I think the author of this report wasn’t visit Manama, to manifestations of prostitution in Manama cannot be seen on the street as the rest of the world, and that there were child prostitution in the city, are illegal and are detained practitioners, Manama an Islamic City and very quiet and the topic written in this report is incorrect, we do not agree with it and wish it removed from the site.

  5. Alexander

    Really Manama?? I actually grew up there. That place is heaven compared to the few places i have been here in the US where i currently reside.

  6. hamad

    Manama/Bahrain should be at no.1.
    You can get teenagers as prostitutes there.
    School children too.

  7. dave

    I’m sorry but this is a load of BS !!bahrain isn’t the second sin city in the world I was born here & go clubbing & drink but the way you made bahrain look is redicolous people shouldn’t believe this,its a load of (Bullock’s)the prostitue rate here is nothing more than normal 🙂 you should come down here & have a look for yourself 😉

  8. khalid


    I live in Manama for over 15years ,and I would say the report is fully right.

  9. Sexy Saudi

    Viva la Manama, best girls r there. The bridge between bh and ksa connects two countries and sex connects ppl.
    Those who aren’t interested in kk (kis&kas = pussy and beer) shouldn’t complain coz its allowed by the gov which respects freedom.

  10. Jan

    If you are in the right place at the right time in Bahrain then it is definitely Sin City. I’ve driven down Exhibition Road before dark on a Friday night and seen boys around 14 parading down the middle of the road and ready for a pick-up. Saturday morning? Young Saudis who look around 15 have tried to pick me up in the area. Saturday morning in central Manama and the bins are full of empty Viagra packs and hung-over Saudis. There aren’t any signs out, but people know where to go. As new expats, we found out by being the only non-prostitutes in a number of hotels when we went for a pre-dinner drink.

    How these people don’t know this is beyond me. It’s very easy to spot the prostitutes at the Ritz.

  11. Mohammed

    I have been to different countries such as Thailand and New Zealand; I do not think Manama should be in number 2! this report is making Manama look like the sex destination where there is no law to stop sex or drugs. Totally wrong! people who believe in this are even more stupid than the report.

  12. mohammed

    My frd…What about the country having prostitutes buzzing every where like fly’s & still a rape case with in every 20-50 seconds & 1 prostitute murder in every 20 minutes??
    Even if you count manama among all the arab countries, it won’t rank the 2nd or da 1st,
    above artical is related to drugs & prostitutes,& some kid here is commenting for,

  13. Bader saudi

    Not true that Bahrain is ranked second in the world in prostitution, but that Bahrain is supervised home witness in my life which is a Muslim country, where few, but the problem associated with foreigners they came to prostitution, and support of business …..

  14. Mustafa (living in US)

    Hi guys i’m from Bahrain….Prude
    who bring this thing to us is our bad government, and actually the government depends on prostitution…like it increased their income …
    I just wanna say people don’t think that citizens of Bahrain are related to those kind of things. We are fighting to to get rid of everything bad. God help us.

  15. mohamad

    This is bullshit about manama,bahrain its not even one of the top 50 countries, all lies 🙂

  16. penny

    Lies ,,, nothing but lies ,,,
    I’ve been there several times and prostitution there is the least among hundreds of cities I had visited.

  17. Ibrahim

    This report is untrue
    Bahrain is cleaner than 99% of the world. There is no scientific evidences .. it is all impression or politically driven article.

    Saudi Arabia

  18. Aseri

    I’m have been to many places around the globe, but I wouldn’t believe that Manama should be ranked as the second sin city in the world. I would, and everyone should, look at this report as nothing more than the author’s opinion. Yet, I’m responding here to Mr. Mustafa; I’m glad you mentioned that you are proud of being a Bahraini citizen before you accused your government of bringing such a thing to your and their country. I don’t think you were right about saying that because I haven’t seen or heard of anyone of people who are related to the government support this or do that themselves on the street, Bahrain’s citizens do that, MAN.!! Please, don’t give an opinion about anything in your life out of anger, hunger, or emotions. This is my advice to myself before you or anyone else!! May Allah (God) save and help all of us.

    I would love the author or the reporter here to show the criteria he used in classifying these cities as top ten sin cities in the “ENTIRE WORLD”.


  19. Jehad

    That I can not believe. Bahrain before the London Philippines States of America France check and Lebanon not unreasonable

  20. Hesham

    May be the auther here is including mut3ah marrege.
    This article is politically written .manamah is nothing once compared to mashhad or tahran orbeirut or vancouver or many other city .

  21. Josh

    I can attest to the prostitution problem in Manama. I just moved in country and have not even been here 10 days. However, in that short time while walking to my hotel from base after 8pm, I have been propositioned 3 times. The last girl, I practically had to shove my wedding band in her face before she would leave me alone. I have been to 8 different countries and this is the first I have seen it so openly.


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