Top 10 Things You Should Not Reveal On Facebook

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6. “Jesus, I’m lonely”

Jesus I'm Lonely

You may never get a reply from Jesus, but you will have a lot of people questioning your ethics. Should you want to post this, be our guest, but you will never get answers you are seeking. You may get some creepy people stalking you instead.


7.  Partying


A friend of mine has a tendency to sue people. Once she sued Shoppers Drug Mart for improper stocking. A bottle fell on her foot and she could not walk on it for a week. That did not stop her from posting pictures where she was seen walking, partying and having a good time with friends.

8. Borrowed Images

Borrowed Images

An overworked journalist on a tight deadline was looking for a big story about a natural disaster. He finds the perfect photo of said disaster on Twitter (could be Facebook as well, especially with graph search). Without asking the owner, he reposts it on his news organization’s website and gives full credit to the photographer .

Not so fast. In a landmark copyright judgment on Monday, a Manhattan district judge ruled that two major news outlets infringed on the copyrights of Daniel Morel, the photographer whose horrific images of the 2010 Haiti earthquake were published to various news organizations, without his permission.

If you don’t want others taking your images, don’t post them on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site for that matter.


9. Your Birth Date

Birth Date

While it might be nice to hear from Facebook well-wishers on your birthday, you should think twice before posting your full birthday with the year of birth. Scholars advise that revealing your exact birthday and your place of birth is like giving out your financial security to thieves. Furthermore,  researchers recently discovered that thieves could reconstruct social security numbers using an individual’s birthday and place of birth. Cyber theft, identity theft, you name it!


10. Flirtatious Pictures

Flirt Pictures

 Flirty pics tend to change hands and get re-posted very quickly and not for any good reasons. You might think your pic is for your sweetie’s eyes only, but once you send it, you lose total control over where it ends up. Jealous exes  may share, and proud boyfriends and girlfriends have been known to show off.



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