Top 10 Ways To Stay Warm During Winter

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As the cold season is quickly approaching, we are reminded of the joys of the Christmas holidays and wonderful snow activities we can partake in. However, winter has its own downside: the extra low temperatures that cause serious physical discomfort, unless of course you have spent most of your life in Siberia.

To combat the negative effects of the cold, you can employ a variety of simple tricks that will definitely help you overcome the physical discomfort and potential seasonal illnesses like the flu or the common cold.


1. Make sure that your heating system is fully functional before winter

heating system

The probability that the first winter days will catch you by surprise – considering the unpredictable climate changes nowadays – is quite high. However, if you perform the regular maintenance on your heating system and verify that all components are in working condition before the cold weather hits, then you have nothing to worry about. Irrespective of whether you have an A/C unit, a fireplace or portable room heaters, all you need to do is turn them on when the temperature inside drops bellow your comfort threshold. Otherwise, you might have to put up with the cold until you can get a hold of a contractor, which is more difficult than you think during holidays.


2. Wear comfy wool socks at all times

Wear comfy wool socks

Our body’s extremities – the hands, feet, ears, etc. – transfer the heat to the rest of the body in order to maintain the organs within a normal temperature range. However, in the process, they are also the first to lose heat. Therefore, during the cold season it is highly advisable to wear fluffy wool socks on your feet and gloves/earmuffs when you go outside in order to prevent heat from escaping. Scarves are also great in preventing a sore or swollen throat resulted from an extensive cold exposure.


3. Insulate the windows and install thicker curtains

thicker curtains

Cracks in the window frame as well as the windows themselves are responsible for a great deal of wasted heat via the indoors-outdoors air transfer. The optimal solution to minimize the transfer – at least aside from nailing them shut with wooden boards, which is a bit too radical unless you are also expecting a zombie apocalypse this winter – is to weatherproof the windows by applying a sealant solution. At the same time, the thick curtains are ideal for minimizing the heat transfer between the cold glass and the air in the room.


4. Homemade seasonal beverages work miracles

Home hot beverages

Spiced hot wine, Sbiten (a traditional Russian beverage sweetened with honey), lemon ginger infusions, warm tea and hot chocolate are all excellent ways to warm up. At the same time, these beverages are very useful in treating the common sore throat sensation.


5. Soups for the soul

Hot soup

Soups, and particularly the hot and spicy varieties, are mandatory aliments during the cold season. While you might be less tempted to indulge in this culinary creation when the temperatures outside exceed 100 degrees, the soups’ curative and warming properties make them an excellent addition to your winter diet.


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