Top 10 Things Forbidden By Islam

Because the countries in which the Islam represents the core belief of the people are governed based on religious morals rather than the code of ethics proprietary to occidental states, the citizens do not enjoy the same level of freedom. In the past several years however, there have been numerous rebellions against the oppressive Islamist system.

While religious fanatics militate for maintaining the current code of conduct, the average citizens are protesting in favor of a more liberal and democratic system. In addition to the freedom of speech, let’s find out more about the top 10 things that Islam deems as “haram” or prohibited.


1. Cleavages, flashy clothes and tight jeans for women


If you are woman living in an Islam-ruled country, then you have to pay extra attention to the way you dress. This also applies for the tourists, as you will probably find out at the airport. The Islamic religion mandates that women showing much skin on the street are themselves an inconceivable act and a sin in the eyes of Allah. In addition, because the tight or short jeans don’t leave too much to the imagination, these garments are also forbidden. With regards to the flashy clothes, the ban on them represents more of a refusal to adhere to the decadent values of the West than a religious fad.


2. Pony tails for women and long hair for men

Pony tails

In spite of the practical nature of the hairstyle, particularly in the generally hot climate of the Islamic countries, ponytails are against the law. To put it simply, for some reason the ponytail is particularly viewed as an indicator for the loose morals of the women and this belief probably draws its roots from an ancient history. But don’t think that Islam is easier on men, because the punishment for an excessive hair length is equally severe. Whether it’s because the association between male homosexuality and long hair or because they consider it “unnatural”, Islamists are extremely conservative when it comes to this topic.


3. Dental braces

Dental braces

Iran may be currently considered one of the most “liberal” Islamist state, but even they have imposed a ban on dental bracers. Perceived as a “beautifying” solution rather than a medical necessity that corrects the improper growth of the teeth, Islamist radicals go to great lengths to ensure that the human body is 100% naturals, just as God gave it to you. Apparently, if you were born with crooked teeth, then that’s just how you’ll live your life.


4. Harry Potter novels and movies

Harry Potter novels and movies

When it comes to witchcraft and magic, the Spanish Inquisition has nothing on Islam. Not only is practicing the “dark arts” strictly forbidden in these parts of the world, but the public does not even have access to works of fiction that involve wizardry. As of such, aside from the hush-hush, under the counter bootleg copies, the works of J.K. Rowling will never be read in an Islamic country


5. Elton John, George Michael and homosexuals in general


For Islamist leaders, the value of Elton John’s music and the choreographic talent of George Michael make no difference as long as their sexual preference is deviant. Truth be told, these two are not exactly in-the-closet homosexuals and you only need to watch a couple of videos to get the idea. Therefore, since homosexuality is punishable by a brutal death in most Islam-ruled countries and with slightly less violent executions in others, you can understand why promoters of the gays’ rights movement are “haram”.


6. Social networks, email and video directories

Social networks

No dictatorship can thrive without restricting the people’s access to information and this goes double for a religious/military one. Therefore, news sources and communication tools like Facebook, G-Mail and YouTube have been banned in most Islamic states and the explanation for this harsh measure is that they are considered Western propaganda mediums. Without denying the fact that Islamic leaders are close to home on this one because the current media is intoxicated with half truths, false notions and pictures of cats, they are taking the way people’s ability to discern right from wrong based on factual information. But this is essentially the underlying principle of religion after all.


7. Batman and the Justice League

Batman and the Justice League

Whether they are jealous of Batman’s utility belt that packs everything but the kitchen sink or they don’t see the dark knight’s technological achievements with good eyes, Islamists would turn Bruce Wayne at the airport before he can set foot in their country. Interestingly enough, whether or not a superhero is banned is pretty arbitrary, but you can probably guess that Wonder Woman or Cat Woman are not among their favorites either.


8. Pet cats and dogs

Pet cats and dogs

The Islamists’ perception on pets and animal companions in general is rather different from the rest of the world. As of such, owning a puppy or a kitten is illegal and these animals are not allowed inside the home. To put it simply, animals only have a strictly practical value and, if they cannot provide protection, transportation or food, then you are not allowed to own one. Good thing the people don’t have access to YouTube’s infinite number of cat videos, otherwise it would be an all out revolution in the streets.


9. Barbie dolls

Barbie dolls

You can’t really say that the ban on Barbie dolls is a bad thing, because after all they do represent the first false notions of beauty inflicted on the toddlers and promote the decadent lifestyle of the Western civilization, where physical aspect is king. But, just like in the case of freedom to information, you really have to let people make their own decisions based on factual evidence. If the parents want to enforce the concept of the predefined “perfect” lifestyle on their children at an early age, why should the government interfere?


10. Political sciences

Political sciences

Considering that the Islamic countries are ruled in a more or less dictatorial style, it is perfectly true that a higher learning facility that teaches inapplicable political sciences makes no sense. Joke aside, the reason why these courses are banned in Islam is that people with no knowledge of alternative forms of government are easier to manipulate and control.

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  1. Yousef

    This is nonce’s you have come with trash talk. From where you got all this, I believe from Iranian culture which is not Islamic. I have an advice for you to maintain your credibility please read about Islam from its origin…

  2. Hmm

    Been to turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and the u.a.e, checked Facebook twitter and YouTube daily. Not forbidden by Islam, forbidden by extremists.

  3. Laurent Frechon

    never saw a more stupid list.
    none of these things are forbidden by islam( except homosexuality). try a little research next time…


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