Top 10 Promotional Items You Can’t Go Wrong With

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6. Koozies


Although the koozie does not seem like much, people love their functionality and they are well aware of their usefulness both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being very useful for your potential clients, the koozies are also beneficial for your company since the customers will constantly remember what your business can actually do for them. The only thing to account for is to choose a striking combination of colors and the right message to place on them.


7. Stress balls

Stress balls

The kids, the busy schedule and the ever-crowded traffic are just three things that people stress about every day. Therefore, your awareness campaign can focus on showing customers that your company has the potential to ease its clients’ stress levels. However, if you want to give the attendees something to talk about for the next week, you should look for stress relief balls in unique shapes and with a daring combination of colors.


8. Tote bags

Tote bags

Irrespective of whether they go to the grocery story or simply walk around the trade show, people will always need bags to store their items while they explore. Available in a wide variety of colors and highly customizable, the tote bag is a surefire method to get your message across at the event as well as other places. Since, as mentioned earlier, people do not appreciate poorly made items (even thought they are free, people’s expectations are still high), make sure that the customizable bag you are offering is sturdy and can withstand some wear and tear.


9. Travel bottles

Travel bottles

Even though people have a plethora of water containers in their homes, the truth is that you can never have too many bottles. Now, if you were to give away customized travel bottles, made of resilient materials, with an interesting design and an attractive combination of colors, you can be certain people will start using your promotional item. Since most people prefer having a travel bottle with their favorite drink with them all the time, you will be benefiting from practically free advertisement.


10. Personalized golf accessories

Personalized golf accessories

If you do not have to stick to a limited budget, then an excellent idea to impress your potential customers is to give away personalized golf accessories or golf balls. Custom golf accessories send out a clear message that you are interested in the various aspects of your clients’ lives. In other words, you do not only see them in the office environment, but you care about their spare time and hobbies as well. However, make sure to do an analysis of your target audience and find out if golf is actually one of their main preoccupations.

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