Top 10 Propaganda Methods Used Today

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6. Populism


With the elections coming on soon in most countries in North America and Europe, you should expect to see a lot of candidates promoting themselves as the only one attuned with the will of the people, leaving the counter candidate the role of the enemy of the people. Irrespective of whether the opponent is dubbed an elitist or bureaucrat, the whole point of the populist propaganda is to make it hard for people to empathize with that person.


7. Invoking Jesus

Invoking Jesus

In a way, invoking the Son of God and stating that Jesus is on your side represents another form of populism. Therefore, the speaker and his allies are the true patriots, true Christians and real [insert country here] and everyone who is not on his side is the personification of the enemy. Unlike populism, this propaganda technique is more persuasive considering that the speaker has been “blessed by God” and hence, all challengers are immoral. Much like ancient pharaohs who believed themselves to be gods or the representative of the gods on earth!


8. Consistent and meticulous repetition

Consistent and meticulous repetition

Repeating a simple and clear message as frequent as possible is also a technique used in marketing and advertisement. Irrespective of how annoying the message of a commercial actually is, the truth is that everyone remembers it and can immediately recognize the product/service being advertised. Similarly to commercials, a message (true or false, with or without sense) that is repeated over and over again by various moderators or other authorities will in time be accepted as an infallible truth.


9. Reducing higher education to elitism

Reducing higher education to elitism

The mainstream media seems to have started a war against intellectualism and higher education in general. When the internet community started mocking and berating various teens shows on TV, the critics simply told them to change the channel. While it is true that nobody stops you from watching another show or changing the channel, you have to admit that the disturbing lack of reverence for education has spread significantly and has become rather bothersome. To put it simply, if somebody dared to threat the well-established hive with rational arguments, he can simply be countered by calling him an elitist and discarding his opinions.


10. Making somebody look guilty by random association

Making somebody look guilty

Making casual associations with no factual evidence (direct or circumstantial) represents another dangerous means of propaganda, a methods that has managed to destroy many good people’s lives. The coincidences and the random facts are an integral part of life, yet strangely this type of propaganda is still viable. Now, calling somebody a Nazi just because a not-so-close friend of his grandfather attended a dinner party with his cousin’s college roommate’s uncle’s third wife who supported the fascist doctrine 80 years ago is just plain rubbish.

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