Top 10 Sports That Should Be Banned

As a sports fanatic, I’m always on the lookout for the most extreme sports when I traverse the globe.  I realize that I almost never sit down and think about the dangers of the things I do in life.   I act on my impulses before I think things through, which gets me into trouble as a result.

The following list identifies sports that are dangerous, inhumane and unnecessary – even for entertainment purposes. You should not attempt these stunts, unless you are willing to risk your life or a couple of limbs.


1. Bullfighting:


Bullfighting is a blood sport. A Spanish bullfight is set up to have men (matador) fight against a frightened and confused animal in an enclosed ring. Throughout the fight, the bull is tortured, enfeebled and brought to its knees by a variety of spears, spikes and daggers. These weapons impose incredible pain and the distraught bull is weakened by blood loss.

After approximately 15 minutes of extreme suffering, the matador finally slays the beaten bull. Many bulls die drowning in their own blood because of the matador’s imprecision, which often pierces the bull’s lungs instead of the heart. Following this, a short dagger (puntilla) is used to separate the bull’s spinal cord at the neck before the bull is hauled out of the arena. In the worst cases, the bull is still hanging onto life as it is hauled away.

This ‘sport’ is so violent that it is banned from television in Spain, especially on TVE-Spain’s state-run television channel.


2. Heli-Skiing:


Helli-skiing is off-train downhill skiing that is only accessible by helicopter. There is a reason why these areas have never been used before. If you ever dreamed of wide open terrains and zero lift lines, this is for you. However, people who seek to do such things are crazy and are risking their lives for the most extreme. Countries like France are on top for banning this sport.


3. High Altitude Mountain Climbing:

High Altitude Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing can literally kill you. High Altitude Mountaineering, such as climbing Everest and these other 8000 meter peaks, is an extremely dangerous activity where people die every year. Frankly I cannot think of any more dangerous activity on earth!

In 2001, Babu Chiri Sherpa, probably the strongest Everest climber ever, died simply by stepping in the wrong place and falling into a crevasse. Sherpa climbed the summit 10 times.


4. Tennis:

Tennis injuries are only limited to joints and ligaments, so no one’s in real danger of dying. Tennis players sustain a number of injuries. There were over 90,000 tennis injuries reported in 2011, which comes to approximately 15% of estimated tennis players. But we’re just talking about injuries that were so bad that they required medical attention. Most ankle and wrist injuries surely were never reported.


5. Skiing with Yaks:

Skiing with Yaks

This sport is very popular in Manali, India, about two hours from Delhi. Yak skiing involves standing at the bottom of a large slope wearing skis and attached rope. Attached to the other end is a domesticated yak via a pulley attached to a tree at the summit.

At the go, the skier, who is holding a bucket of pony nuts as a treat for the yak, shakes the bucket to entice its attention and then drops it as they are hurled up the hill at a terrifying speed on their skis by the two-ton hairy yak on the other end of the rope.

Domesticated yaks are quite calm creatures and also love pony nuts. When tempted by their favorite treat, very little will stop them and God help you if you get in their way. One pieced of advise: Never shake the bucket before you’re tied to the Yak rope.


6. Running with the Bulls

Running with the Bulls

This Tamil Nadu festival is famous for a bull-taming sport. Villagers pursue the drunk and irate animals, endangering themselves by grab the money taped to their horns.


7. Cave Diving:

Cave Diving

Cave diving is very similar to skiing in many respects. There are two types of cave divers. There are those who go to explore sites that have previously been explored, have already been charted and mapped out and profit from the risks that others have taken to go before them.

Then there are Exploration Cave Divers. These divers want to view new sites and be the first to explore a tunnel or a system that has never been explored before. Like the snow skier jumping out of a helicopter on a mountain peak that has never been skied before – this sort of diving contains a degree of risks, which causes approximately 500 deaths a year.

The latter should be banned, especially in Mexico as it is very risky. Probable causes of death: run out of air, equipment failure, and losing your way.


8. Base Jumping:

Base Jumping

A base jumper is one of those individuals who feel they must hurl themselves with nothing but a parachute from buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs. Chances are big that the wind could easily slam them into the object. Not only is this activity deadly–between 5 and 15 people die each year, according to The International PRO BASE Circuit–it’s also prohibited in many countries, including the U.S.


9. Snowmobiling:


Snowmobiling can be a deadly sport, especially in slippery and unterrained areas. Each year, riders are killed when they hit other snowmobiles, automobiles, pedestrians and trees.


10. Supercross:


Athletes fly into the air on motorcycles, while doing backflips, taking their hands off the handlebars and other stunts that could potentially kill them. Just watch the Dumbest Stuff on Wheels, a comedic style show, and you’ll get the picture.

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