Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Auctioned on Ebay

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If you had over $2 million to spend, what would you buy — a nice house, a fleet of slick cars, your own island? Would you buy Kate Middleton’s old VW Golf? How about a 1959 Ferari 250 GT California for $3.26 million? This article takes a look at top 10 most expensive eBay used cars. Buying a car on eBay may not be easy, but worth a try. If you take a home an expensive car from eBay  be sure to share your story with us.


1. Kate Middleton’s VW Golf

VW Golf

Two days after going up for auction in a world supposedly hungry for Kate Middleton memorabilia, the new Duchess of Cambridge’s old car is yet to attract a single bid on eBay.

The blue Volkswagen Golf used by Kate and her then royal boyfriend during their days as students at St Andrews University is being sold by the current owner, Sonny Brazil.

Despite being bought for just £10,818 in Edinburgh in 2001, Sonny Brazil has placed a reserve of £20,000 on the royal runaround because of its history and its importance now.

The car has barely been used since it was sold by the Middleton family. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks are also due to be sold with the vehicle, and would fetch more than £30,000.

The final price shall still be determined.


2. 1959 Ferari 250 GT California

1959 Ferari 250 GT California

A gorgeous and in mint condition 1959 Ferrari GT sold on for $3.26 million. The car, with 52,000 miles on its odometer, was listed by its owner in Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold after 86 bids on eBay. The car’s official designation is a Ferrari California Spyder 250 GT CS. It has a 12 cylinder engine, manual transmission and a cloth convertible top.

Designed for export to America, the California Spyder was Ferrari’s interpretation of an open-top Gran Turismo Car. The concept was driven by California enthusiasts and a leading Ferrari dealer who prevailed on the Italian company to create a sports car for Californians who regularly drive with the top down.


3. Dusenberg SJ Speedster


1933 Duesenberg SJ Speedster is one of those cars which only comes around once a decade. Selling for a hefty price of $2.6 million on eBay, it goes down as the second most expensive classic car ever sold on the site, and easily one of the most justified.

Only 36 of these cars were ever produced, and all of them were given a supercharger and 320bhp – which, in 1933, would have been terrifying.


4. 2008 Lamborghini Revention

Lamborghini Revention 2008

A Lamborghini Reventon, one of the most exclusive cars ever made, ended up on eBay and ended with ‘Buy it Now.’ Of the 20 units made worldwide, only 10 ended up in the U.S. selling for $1.5 million. Well owner of Reventon number 3 decided to sell his exclusiveness with only 73 miles on the odometer for his own personal reasons. Now whether those personal reasons include gas-prices or that he couldn’t afford to maintain the car is unclear.
The Reventon sold very quickly on eBay with a ‘Buy it Now’ price of a heart-stopping $2.5 million.


5. Maserati MC12 

Maserati MC12

A Maserati MC12 was recently listed on eBay. Only 25 were made in 2005 and just 7 were federalized for use in USA, one of which is this blue-and-white gem you see above. Similar to its brother, the Ferrari Enzo, the MC12 shares not only the Ferrari 6.0-liter V12, but the same price as well.

The current bid for this particular example is over $1,205,100. Originally owned by a collector in Florida, it went up for sale by Lamborghini of Las Vegas and only has 521 virgin miles on her.


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