Top 10 Reassuring Reasons Why The Zombie Apocalypse Won’t Happen

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6. The high number of natural predators

natural predators

First of all, let’s remember that zombies are sluggish, clumsy creatures only guided by the instinct to feed. That is exactly the reason why numerous animals like stray dogs, bears, wolves, etc. would view them as an easy prey and would devour the zombies in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, in addition to the animals, don’t forget about the maggots that develop on dead tissue, gradually consuming the flesh until there is nothing left.


7. The inability of the dead organisms to heal/regenerate

dead organisms to heal

Even if the zombie is not killed during an attack, the wounds inflicted on it will never heal because the regeneration capability is not proprietary to dead tissue. With each wound, the hunting performance of the zombie diminishes, which eventually means it would die of starvation. In addition to that, the innate pain insensitivity of the zombies completely eliminates their self preservation instinct, meaning they will put their bodies in harm’s way without even realizing it.


8. The existence of disease control centers

disease control centers

One of the first global responses to every epidemic is the establishment of local disease control centers. Teams of scientists and military operatives are dispatched to the scene in order to evacuate the uninfected citizens, quarantine the ones afflicted with the virus and start working on a cure. Remember that the zombie virus is not the first one they’ve seen and there are procedures in place to ensure that the outbreak is immediately contained and dealt with.


9. The vaccine for the virus that would be developed


Based on the assumption that “zombie-ness” is cause by a virus, you can safely assume that a vaccine can be developed. It is entirely true that the virus will attempt to mutate in order to become resistant to the vaccine, but the scientists will also improve its capabilities to keep up with the infection. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the apocalypse will not be related to a world epidemic.


10. The sheer fact that organisms cannot be reanimated


Probably the most reassuring anti zombie apocalypse rationale is the inability of dead bodies to magically return to life and carry on, in spite of the fact that all the organs have stopped functioning. It is ridiculous to believe that without the brain to coordinate the activity of heart, lungs, kidney, muscles, stomach, etc. the zombie would still somehow be able to walk around, see and hunt. According to medical science, if the body is dead for more than fifteen minutes than it cannot be reanimated because the brain suffers from irreparable trauma due to the lack of blood and oxygen.

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