Top 10 Activities That Are For Some Reasons Illegal Somewhere Else

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6. Chewing gum without prescription in Singapore

International news are always presenting exceptionally strange and strict regulations implemented by the Singapore government, that’s a given. Back in 1992 when the chewing gum industry was flourishing, the officials were faced with a serious crisis: everybody was stuffing used gum in virtually all available “orifices” including chair undersides, the mailbox, their neighbors’ keyhole, etc. Since dealing with a problem is always easier if you start at the root, Singapore officials decided that their country is no longer allowing chewing gum, with the exception of those utilized for therapeutic purposes.


7. Public officials’ usage of excuses in Megion, Siberia

A rule that we can all get behind, the mayor of the city was apparently so fed up with all the excuses for laziness and incompetence of the elected officials that he decided to make them illegal. The punishment for this “crime” is, according to him “a speedy departure”, whatever that means in Siberian slang.


8. Singing karaoke tunes in Lilbum, Georgia

Lilbum is a town populated by people more religious then the Pope when it comes to bars, alcohol retailers Isabel Marant Shoes and apparently, karaoke. The mayor stated that all these activities represent the gateway to crime. While singing certain popular tunes should be made illegal across the map for the benefit of “drinking enthusiasts”, he may be exaggerating a bit.


9. Eating and cooking lobsters in Reggio, Italy

What do Reggio and Adolf Hitler have in common? They both banned lobsters because of the sound these animals make and respectively, the cruelty of the cooking method.


10. The dark prince of the underworld in Inglis, Florida

Good news for Satan, his ban was eventually lifted by the authorities and he can finally enjoy the trip to Inglis he was planning for a while now. Now, thanks to the efforts of the ACLU and a few lawsuit threats based on the principle of separation of church and state, the mayor’s abusive act of kicking the devil out of the city’s public property is no longer in effect. When prompted for a reaction, Satan said he could not understand what the devil was for the mayor’s problem in the first place.

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  1. Halidom

    The naked bit sounds the strangest. Do they go to peoples houses to check? If you’re wearing a shirt and nothing else are you naked? How does one shower or have a bath? I generally sleep naked, would they come in and pull down the blanket to check. Sex must be rather boring! The Florida law sounds good but I’m not sure that if there is a Satan that it would really read law books. I think he would be below the law. Hard to believe the ACLU got involved and wasted money that is earmarked for higher causes.