Top 10 Cute Facts About Baby Animals

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6. Panda cubs are the tiniest non-marsupial newborn mammals

Panda cubs

Pandas are not exactly small framed once they reach maturity, but at birth these bamboo-loving mammals weigh approximately 3-5 ounces. This feature places them at the top of the tiniest mammals on the planet! And we all know that size is one of the characteristics that makes baby animals so adorable to humans.


7. Lion cubs are very dependent on their mothers

Lion cubs

Lion cubs are not as helpless as puppies, but given the higher number of threats proprietary to their environment they would be equally lost without their mothers. The principal immediate danger to the cubs are not hyenas/leopards/predatory birds, as you might expect, but rather the male lions from a different pack that take over the females. It is necessary to mention that the female does not enter the reproductive cycle as long as it needs to take care of her cubs. That is why the mother lioness keeps the cubs safely hidden in the thick savanna bushes for about 6 weeks until the younglings develop the escape means necessary for survival.


8. A baby tiger’s stripes darken with age

Baby tiger

This is probably the root of the common saying “a tiger earned her marks”, in spite of the fact that it refers to the post-natal stretch marks women develop. The stripes of the tiger cub have a grayish hue by default and they will not become matte dark until the animal has reached maturity. And another cute thing about baby tigers – although it is mainly a camouflage mechanism – they all have white belies!


9. Ducklings are pretty independent since the moment of hatching


From the moment when the eggshell cracks open the duckling is prepared to face the dangers of the world without an extensive assistance from the mother duck. Not only are these birds born with their eyes wide open and fully functional, but they don’t really need the warmth of the mother duck thanks to the protective fuzz coating. In essence, they could very well vacate the nest within a few hours after hatching.


10. Baby giraffes are born cute AND autonomous

Baby giraffes

While for most herbivores the cubs need a bit of exercise in order to learn how to walk, baby giraffes are gifted with this skill from birth. Several minutes after its fall – at birth, the baby giraffes falls from an altitude of 6 feet – the baby giraffe is happily waddling around and nursing.

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