Top 10 Counter Theories Proposed By Intelligent Design Supporters

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6. The 2nd law of thermodynamics is in direct opposition with evolutionism

2nd law of thermodynamics

The propensity towards disorder of all systems described by the 2nd law of thermodynamics is another argument brought by creationists against evolution. However, there are two reasons why utilizing the 2LT against evolutionism is wrong by default. First of all, they fail to understand that evolution does not represent a movement towards progress and order, but rather a constant process of adaptation (sometimes detrimental, like in the case of overspecialization which leads to the extinction of that specie). Secondly, the 2LT only applies for the universe if it is taken as whole – the alternative is for a closed energy system – which means that it has no scientific value in trying to explain something about an open energy system like the Earth.


7. The ice age can be directly linked to the biblical flood

ice age

Apparently, the biblical flood can be employed to explain a whole plethora of events that actually have a very sound scientific basis, the ice age being one of them. The Genesis book of the Bible tells us that the highest quantity of water that generated the flooding came from the inferior layers of the earth and that it was accompanied by volcanic eruptions that blocked out the Sun, causing the ice age. Unfortunately, the estimated date of the ice age is between 10,000 and 110,000 years ago and there has been no archaeological evidence to support the biblical flood.


8. The accuracy of the radiocarbon dating procedure is low

radiocarbon dating procedure

Radiocarbon dating is practically the best tool of science when it comes to estimating the age of certain objects in the absence of other clues. It is only natural that creationists are interested in discrediting this procedure that has debunked some of the principal points made in the bible, but unfortunately their theory that 14C has various decay rates and that other factors influence the isotope ratio produced is just not enough.


9. The organic DNA is God’s John Hancock

Organic DNA

This misconception that is constantly propagated by creationists regarding the link between the coherency of the DNA code and the necessity of a creator stems from a poor understanding of information theory. At the same time, they fail to comprehend that science is actually working hard to decipher/translate the code and that the DNA isn’t simply handed out to them as a known language.


10. The Grand Canyon instantly formed in the wake of the Great Flood

Grand Canyon

As previously mentioned, the biblical flood is the type of “event” with a plethora of effects – according to creationists – another being the forming of the Grand Canyon. Leaving aside the archaeological evidence that suggest its age is closer to 70 million years, the whole concept that the intricate shape of the landscape bursting of winding chasms could be created in a single “swoosh” by the retreating waters is just silly.


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