Top 10 Fattening Foods Americans Love To Eat

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6. Volcano Nachos – Taco Bell

Volcano Nachos

The nachos can give you as much as 980 calories when eaten.

Its  name is well suited  for creating a hungry appetite. This platter includes ingredients such as tortilla chips, with beef, flavored beans, and yummy cheese sauce that serve as a specialty food. There are spicy sauces that are available for special burritos and tacos. Availing of the Taco Bell’s mayo-packed “lava” food can really fill you up even more. However, this can add another 200 kilo-calories from its sumptuous snacks.


7.  Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese @ Subway

Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese

This is the double meatball marinara with cheese that can give you an extraordinary 1,720 Calories when eaten. Try eating meatballs filled with tomato sauce and covered with cheese will raise your taste buds right up to cloud 9. However, this food is full on calories, fats, protein and of course fats! You might think it as unhealthy but at least trying one can be quite an adventurous experience.


8. Quadruple Bypass Burger

Bypass Burger

In 2012, the infamous restaurant that makes people wear hospital gowns when they order the famous ‘bypass burger’got their ‘flatliner fries’ in a twist when a greedy consumer collapsed with a suspected heart attack.

The 40-something woman, who remained unnamed  allegedly enjoyed her calorific fat feast, as well as cigarettes and margarita cocktails, before collapsing inside the restaurant.

An ambulance arrived at the scene shortly and the woman recovered in hospital.


9.  KFC Double Decker

double decker

The Double Decker is the inspiration for this list and the most ridiculous thing the American national food industry has since the invention of bread. I still cannot understand why consumers would eat this.

Courtesy of KFC, now you can have a hands-on relationship with the grease you’re eating, there is no pesky “bread” standing between you and the meat, always slipping out of your grasp because of “condiments. No. The bread is the meat. Wrap your mind around that one.

The new KFC Double Down has two boneless fried chicken fillets acting as “buns” and two pieces of bacon, two slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese (because one cheese really would not have cut it) and the Colonel’s Sauce as filling inside.

With 540 calories and 32 grams of fat, this one deserves its spot on this list as well.


10. Wendy’s Baconator:


1,360 calories, which is far more than the average for all Sandwiches served in Fast Food restaurants. It also has 47g of carbohydrates, which is slightly less than the average for all Sandwich served in Fast Food chain. And finally 3150mg of sodium, which is significantly more than the average for all Sandwiches served in Fast Food chains combined.


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