Top 10 Penguin Facts To Flip Over

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Because they essentially look like little men wearing fancy tuxedos, penguins have always managed to melt our hearts. However, there’s more to these birds than meets the eye, as you are about to find out by the end of this list.


1. At this point, there are 18 species on penguins living on Earth


Although most people only think about the notorious Emperor penguin whenever these birds are brought into discussion, it is necessary to point out that the aforementioned specie is simply the largest. Even though scientists warn about the declining populations, some even to the point where they risk extinction, there are 18 known species of penguins, some more interesting than the rest. It is important to note that while you can usually see them at your local zoo, penguins live mostly in the Southern hemisphere.


2. There are notable differences between various species of penguins


It is necessary to mention that while an adult Emperor penguin is typically 114 cm high and weighs around 40 kg, the smallest species of penguins – the blue penguin – is only 25 cm tall and weighs approximately 1 pound. According to biologists, the relatively big differences stem from the birds’ different habitats. Because ice, particularly the so-called fast ice that does not move in winds and currents is essential for their habits, the Emperor can typically be found in very cold climates. The blue penguin can be mostly found in areas near Australia and New Zeeland, although some have been also spotted in Chile.


3. Some penguins prefer the tropical climate


Even though most documentaries on these majestic birds focus on the Emperor colonies that live closely to Antarctica, it is necessary to mention that some species thrive in tropical climates as well. To be more precise, the Galapagos penguin can often be seen along the shoreline of the islands with the same name. In addition to being located in the northernmost part of the Southern Hemisphere, some biologist claim that they even step into the Northern Hemisphere to feed. However, because they are not a migrating species, you should know that this happens very rarely.


4. Penguins are the best bird divers


If you are a bird watcher and prefer spending your vacations in different parts of the world in locations that promote avi-tourism, then chances are that you saw at least one bird quickly diving into the water only to spring out a few seconds later with a small fish or a frog in its beak. An interesting thing about penguins is that even though they lost their ability to fly a very long time ago, they are currently the deepest diving species of birds in the world.


5. Penguins are the kings of porpoising


Despite the fact that they lost their ability to fly a few million years ago, their cute flippers as well as their body shape have evolved to make them very proficient swimmers. This type of swimming might not be very efficient energy-wise compared to keeping the body completely submerged underwater, but it does have the benefit of allowing the penguins to trick their predators as well as permit them to breathe regularly. In addition, biologists claim that sometimes, these adorable birds simply do it out of joy or excitement.


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