Top 10 Ways To Stay Cool During Summer

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If you were to do a query on people’s favorite season, you will soon come across a very interesting fact: while the vast majority prefers summer, when this season finally arrives everyone starts complaining about the high temperatures. Add the global warming and the solar explosions that are about to reach a peak and you can easily understand why summer is losing its popularity rather fast. In other words, even though the grass may seem greener on the other side in winter, most people realize that it is in fact sticky and wilted.

Fortunately, you are not forced to spend your entire summer staring at the huge energy bill or suffering from heat-related conditions. Let’s explore the top ten methods you can employ in order to stay cool during this torrid season.


1. Trade the AC for a fan


If you are worried about the hefty energy bill you will receive at the end of the month due to overusing the AC unit, then simply switch to a fan. Even though both cooling equipments use electricity, the air conditioning unit consumes almost 1000 kWh per month, whereas the fan will only require a tenth of what the AC “eats”. This approach ensures that you will be saving at least 100 dollars per month.


2. Open more windows

Open windows

More often than not, you hear people complaining that they do not manage to beat the heat, despite the fact that they are sitting right next to an opened window. The reason for this is rather simple: one open window means a single entry point for the cool air room and hence, it is normal that you will not feel more than a slight breeze. The solution in this case is to create a wind-tunnel effect by opening up several windows in the room.


3. Acquire a programmable thermostat

programmable thermostat

In case you have to spend most of your day enduring the heat, then it is very likely that you want to come home to a cool atmosphere to relax. However, it is usually a bad idea to leave the AC unit on all day, especially if you do not have a programmable thermostat. With the thermostat, you can be certain that the temperature in your home will be appropriate when you come home from work/after running errands.


4. Check the settings on the ceiling fan

ceiling fan

Even though most homeowners have at least one ceiling fan, the truth is that few of them are aware of the fact these units usually operate on two settings. While the first setting is for the cold season as it has the role of displacing warm air throughout the entire room, the second setting has the function of constantly pushing air down in order to create a pleasant breeze. Therefore, don’t forget to check that you have the right setting on during summer.


5. Let the hot air escape

Let the hot air escape

As heat rises, it is very likely that your attic becomes unbrethable during summer, particularly during midday and afternoon. Since the heat in the attic has nowhere to go, it will inevitably transfer to your entire home and force your AC unit to overwork. Given these facts, it is advisable that you install a proper roofing ventilation system to allow the hot air to escape your home.


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