Top 10 Ways to Irritate your Siblings

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This article explores ways you can really irritate your sibling this April fools day holiday. In order for the joke to work, you must play it before 12 p.m. Your brother or sister must take it with a grain of salt.

Why do pranks expire at 12 pm? That feature probably relates to the customs of the old renewal festivals, which limit the mayhem to a very strict time frame. The source of Britain’s deadline might be the 17th century’s well-named Shig-Shag day, when celebrants put oak sprigs in their hats to show loyalty to the monarchy, in reference to Charles II’s hiding in an oak tree. Those who failed to observe the custom could only be ridiculed until midday. These days, anyone who plays a prank after noon is supposedly an “April fool” themselves; this nice observation may not seem so crucial to anyone who has been custard pied at 12.01 pm.

Top 10 is not held liable for any jokes played on siblings. You are reading this article at your own risk.


1. Distribute your siblings cell phone number among your friends.


When a friend asks for your number, give him/her your sibling’s contact number instead of yours and tell them call or text on that number when they want to contact you. They will be so angry when your friends will keep on asking them about your whereabouts on their number.  Then save all your contacts in his/her phone and start using his/her cell phone without even asking for the permission. Ruin all the credit by making lame calls. When your sibling gets angry, go to your parents and tell them about how mean your sibling is being with you. Your parents will probably side with you.


2. Ruin their favorite shirt.


Pick up your sibling’s favorite shirt and start dusting the house with it. Do whatever you like with the shirt, either clean the dining table with it or sweep the floor; it’s all your choice. when your sibling asks about it and complain, act innocent as if you did not know it was his/her shirt. Make it sound like an accident.

Two roommates got into a fight over an old ripped short. One roommate snuck into the laundromat and threw out the others’ shirt because his mother taught him that everything that is old and ripped goes in the trash.


3.Trap their room.

boogie trap

Sneak into their room with a couple of rolls of toilet paper and string it from one side of the room to the other. Crisscross it to make the perfect trap for your sibling. They will not know what hit them.


4. Use their stuff.


Start using his/her shampoo whenever you want to wash your hairs, make sure that you use twice as the amount of shampoo you usually use. Use their face wash, wash your face 3 to 4 times a day. Start spraying their perfumes or cologne in the air as if it is an air freshener. If that’s not enough then you can drain all their shampoo in a container,  and add some water and make some bubbles with.

To really piss them off, you can borrow their stuff and never return them or break them. Oops.


5. Humiliate them among friends.


Whenever your sibling is with friends, make sure you join in. When they start talking about something important, join in and mentioned your sibling’s most embarrassed incident which is related to what they are saying. Post a comment on your sibling’s every status and post on every social networking website; that comment should be the lamest one. Act like as if you are an idiot, so that his/her friends will tease him about it.

I once revealed that my brother still slept with his grandmother to almost all his classmates when he was in grade 7. They gladly relayed the message back to him and he was pissed.


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