Top 10 Penguin Facts To Flip Over

Because they essentially look like little men wearing fancy tuxedos, penguins have always managed to melt our hearts. However, there's more to these birds than meets the eye, as you are about to find out by the end of this list.
Large Chocolate Oreo Shake

Top 10 Fattening Foods Americans Love To Eat

Today’s American Fast Food restaurants have loaded many of their offerings with so much fat, sugar, and sodium that eating any of the foods could destroy all your hard work and best intentions of eating healthy and losing weight. Beware!
Barack Obama

Top 10 Shocking Political Strategies that Worked

Barry LePatner once said, "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment." This quote defines the top 10 most shocking political strategies that worked listed in this article. I am sure Mitt Romney, Jimmy Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev learned a lesson or two about winning.