Top 10 Cheap Things To Do With Friends

Laughs come easy when you’re with good people, but finding cheap and fun things to do with friends can sometimes be as difficult as solving the Rubik’s cube. I have dug deep down and gotten creative to bring to you all today 10 cheap and fun things to do with friends. I sure hope that your weekend plans can be re-arranged after being inspired by something I have listed today. Have fun and be sure to include your favorite ways to have fun with friends!


1. Bike Riding

BikingThis can be the perfect opportunity to fit in some laughs while you exercise. Bikes can be easily rented, very afford-ably, if you don’t own a duo wheeler. Spend the day on two wheels taking in the sights, or even going trail riding. Either way, city or forest, you’re bound to have fun with friends while riding bikes. Don’t forget your water and camera, one to help hydrate and the other to catch the picture when your friend has to make a pit stop to pee.


2. Prank Calls

Prank Dial

One of our viewers who is 14 years old replied with a very interesting tell-all. Well, basically, my and my bff Lindsay, we have like the time of our lives when we get together – being teenagers and all – you know!!! We chat, read girlie mags, prank call people using Prank Dial, do makeovers and play lots of games. Our most favorite past time is being the evil operator to our many friends using Prank Dial. We basically enter friend #1’s phone number, Friend #2’s phone number and switch their caller IDs. Check it out here.

About PrankDial?

PrankDial lets you:

  • – Choose from hundreds of prank call scenarios
  • – Send them to your friends for FREE
  • – Laugh at their reaction

How do you use PrankDial?

Just follow these 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Select & Preview Prank
  • Step 2: Enter friend’s number
  • Step 3: Send and Laugh

3. Play Cards

Card Games

There are thousands of different card games out there that you can play with your friends. Get online and find out the instructions to new games, if you’ve played them all. Challenge yourself to master one new card game by the end of this week. You’ll find that you can really get into this, especially if you’re playing with the right people, and you don’t have to spend much money (if any at all). Most people already have a deck or two of  playing cards lying around but it’s a cheap enough investment if you don’t.

Check out these Top 10 easy drinking games which involves playing cards – in some cases. Oh What Fun!


4. Cooking / Baking


Baking or cooking with friends for some people is like free therapy. No better way to spend a day with your BFF than making a mess in the kitchen while eating all your favorites and catching up on gossip. Don’t forget to double or triple the batches you make so that everyone can have goodies to take home with them or for work/school later. That or so that it will make up for all the raw dough you consume.

You can try one of these Top 10 Vegetarian Meals to cook.


5. Go to free event

Disney Concert Hall

There are always free things happening even in the smallest of cities. Check your local newspapers and blogs for announcements about free art openings, free outdoor movie screenings, free lectures at schools and libraries, free book readings. If you open your mind to trying to find events in the area that are free, you’ll find that there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn.
6. Walking


Get your blood pumping by finding a spot near you house for you to walk. If you don’t have the right shoes for walk and you don’t want to spend the money, just take a short stroll to the park. There is a lot to see when you get out of your car or off of your bike and just slow down. The physical exercise is good for you but it’s the chance to really enjoy your surroundings for a change that makes walking so much fun to do.


7. Organize Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

A couple of years ago, I organized a fun scavenger hunt for me and a couple of friends. I concentrated on the, events and businesses in the community. Scavengers were asked to get dates from a building cornerstone and a gravestone, an inscription from a building lintel and a gravestone, to count the number of seats in a restaurant and to identify historic community landmarks, etc. It was a fun activity for everyone involved and I am sure you’ll have fun doing it as well.


8. Fruit Picking


Depending on your location and the season, picking apples or berries is always fun with friends. Especially if you’re the smallest in the group, expect your afternoon to be sky high when you’re the best choice to be lifted up to reach the top of the trees. Pick enough for everyone, heaven forbid you spend the day of picking with only 1 apple each. Cheap and fun things to do with friends has never tasted so good.


9. Play Board Games

Board Games

Play  a board game night. Tell everyone to bring over their favorite games, and draw out of a hat to decide what you play. Serve candy and soda to get people in giggly moods.


10. Go see a movie


Go to the movies with your friends/family. It will cost you less than $10 to go to the movies. There’s no need to buy popcorn and drinks. Those are too expensive at the theaters  Instead why don’t you focus on cooking a meal, before going to the movies. Budgeting your expenses is the key.

Find out what’s playing here. We update the list on  a weekly basis so that you can see what’s hot on the big screen.

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