Top 10 Luxury Hotels Worth Staying At

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In all fairness, once you say goodbye to your home for two weeks, you want only the best service and the most luxurious settings on your vacation. There is nothing worse than arriving in the city of your choice, soaking in the local culture and visiting the local points of interest only to arrive in your hotel room and find out there is not nearly enough space, the beds are creaking, there is no hot water in the shower, so on and so forth.

To put it simply, a terrible hotel is enough to destroy your entire vacation and the memories of all the inconvenience will shroud the happy times you had in a cloud of disappointment. On the other hand, a stay at one of the Top 10 luxury hotels around the world we will discuss in the following article can easily become the most unforgettable experience in your life. But can you afford it?

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1. Great Resort Lagonissi

Great Resort Lagonissi

Currently the most expensive room you can ever book in a hotel, the Athenian Great Resort Lagonissi is certainly worth every penny. Built around glass panels that will always confer the visitor a full, unobstructed view of the magnificent surrounding landscape bathing in the eerie light of the sunset, the Royal Villa is an amazing place to spend your vacation and rekindle the passion of youth. You can spend an entire afternoon in the bathtub with your spouse marveling at the beauty of this place and later on, turn off the blinds by remote for a little time alone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as renting this $47,527 villa grants you access to your very own butler, dedicate chef who can prepare anything your heart desires and even a pianist to help you relax with his masterful arpeggios.


2. Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort

Las Vegas’ own Palms Casino is a marvelous choice for a vacation, but mainly if your winnings at roulette or the high stakes poker tournaments enable you to afford the $38,070 you need to rent the Hugh Hefner Suite. This 929 square meter space features a plethora of gimmicks mandatory for a night of unbridled passion, including the ceiling mirror and the rotating bed underneath, not to mention the best Jacuzzi money can buy. Your complementary butler is there to tend to your every need and privacy is the cornerstone of the hotel’s policy. It’s Vegas after all!


3. Manhattan’s Four Seasons

Manhattan's Four Seasons

Situated in the middle of Manhattan, the Four Seasons hotel here has a truly special penthouse for generous patrons. The $32,370 per night will buy your access to the very best room – make that 9 rooms – in the city that never sleeps. Don’t worry about getting lost though, you also have a highly trained butler at your side who can work as a guide for your majesty’s domains.


4. President Wilson Hotel

President Wilson Hotel

Have you been asked to hold a speech at the University of Geneva? Perhaps the UN has requested your immediate assistance in the diplomatic negotiations? In that case, then you should settle for no less than accommodations at the King’s Penthouse of the President Wilson Hotel! This is especially important if you plant to host a cocktail party with some of the world’s esteemed personalities, as the extra security features and the immense space available in the King’s Penthouse, affixed with all the commodities your guests will ever need are the trademark of this location. All that at $31,462 a night.


5. Atlantis Resort Hotel

Atlantis Resort Hotel

Found in the heart of the Bahamas – need we say more about the location? – the luxury suite of the Atlantis Resort Hotel can boast accommodating celebrities like Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. To underline the key traits, we’d have to say that the 10 finely crafted bathrooms alongside the 10 bedrooms that fit in the 440 sq. meters of space are definitely worth checking out, if you happen to have $23,835 lying around.


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