Top 10 Common Things Found in a Woman’s Purse

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We have all seen women carrying a huge purse along with themselves and being tiny little fragile human beings that they are, men are always wondering what they carry inside these bags. They assume it must be filled with a lot of junk that is completely unnecessary and certainly for people who carry around all their personal effects in their little wallet (the thinner the better) it certainly must be mind-boggling as to what a women carries around in that tote! Well to ease the discomfort and to put at rest all kinds of theories about women’s purses, here is a list that divulges all the information there is to know! Go through this and find out that women carry around their lives where ever they go, proudly!


1. Gum


A girl is almost always carrying with her some sort of bubble gum in her purse. I  know girls who carry two of the same brands of gum in their bag, both of them unfinished and both of them open and used. There is something about girls and gum that men just cannot seem to figure out. Perhaps having so much gum is why they are so well-tasting as well! Well, well, well, this here might be the reason your girl friend always tastes like strawberries or peach right.


2. The Primer

the primer

The primer, or the base for make-up is an absolute must-have. Most primers are a little expensive, but they are worth it if you want your make-up to last at least 8 hours. What the primer does is help fix the make-up on the skin, and this includes the foundation. If you use primer, the eye shadow will look impeccable all day long.


3. Mascara


There are many types of mascaras, and everybody knows that long, beautiful, black lashes make beautiful eyes amazing. If you want a natural look, you can use a little mascara, and if you want to go out in the club, you should definitely apply mascara for volume. In other words, you can wear it everywhere, anytime.


4. Purell


Keep the germ fighting power of Purell in your bag for quick and easy cleaning. You’ll need lotion when coming from a public bathroom, unless you like stiff, dry hands. Tissues are great for sudden runny noses, small spills and the occassional crying episode. For major stains like ketchup on a white dress or bbq sauce on your jeans, definitely look into purchasing a stain stick. A bunch of brands make them and they’re supposed to work like magic. No word on whether or not they actually do. We’ll need some reviews. I once dated a girl who was germaphobic and the only thing she would do is poor the Purell onto her hands about 20 times a day.


5. Chocolate

Women’s love for chocolates is a well known fact and hence a total of 10 percent women like to carry chocolates in some form or the other. The research was carried on  by Cadbury Chocolates to launch their new, handbag-sized Dairy Milk Bubbly Mini bar . it also reveled that an average woman carries around 40 items in her handbag.  Interesting statistic – no wonder most women cannot find anything in their purses. They must go digging and digging until they find what they need.


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