Top 10 Ways to Cope with Office Politics

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6. Be genuine.



While practicing any of the above, the one thing that you have to ensure is that you should come across as a genuine person. In fact you should not just come out as that but also be a genuine person. Now I know it’s not easy to be genuine while listening to someone’s tails of treachery/cunning ways or someone’s cribbing session! (I mean you will be genuine but in another direction!) So in that case, as have mentioned earlier also, don’t speak your mind … be silent … which is still genuine … for you neither agree nor disagree. Also be humane and more accepting of other people … try and not to judge people and the result would be a more genuine/ empathetic you. It is a quality that will help always and it is only this that will bring you closer to people in any set up. So be naturally concerned and helpful without going over board.


7.Don’t be a perfectionist.

No one is perfect

Do not act as a person who wants to become a perfectionist in every thing happening in the workplace. You should focus on the tasks that have been assigned to you and avoid interfering in the tasks of others unless you are asked to do so. Unwanted interference in the tasks of other employees can put you on the office politics hit list – a place you do not want to be.


8. Have a professional attitude.

professional attiutde

Maintain a professional attitude when you are at work. Don’t make issues personal. If you have problems with a task then keep them to that task by not making them personal. Set a good example in your workplace. If you are managing a team and do not want your team members to participate in office politics then you have to stay completely away from it.


9.Listen to people.

Listen to Music

Listen to everyone and their opinions. Do not engage them in conversation, but allow them to speak with you. If people want to talk to you, you should listen with an open mind, but do not offer your opinions unless they ask. Be seen as the neutral party who will listen to everyone.


10. Make your agenda visible.


Make your agenda known to your coworkers. You are a team player. You do not want to play political games, because that dilutes the message that your company wishes to send to its customers. You should reveal that you are strictly working for the paycheck, nothing more.

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