Top 10 Reasons That Push You To Buy A New Car

Why do people buy new?

The luxury of owning a new vehicle is, for many people, is second to none! Knowing that you have the very latest model, with all the latest innovations in car designs, is important for many-having second best simply will not do!

Apart from the prestige there are some fundamental reasons why people opt for a new rather than used car.

Buying new means you have the opportunity to choose the color and specification you want. If you want a particular color or paint finish these may be available at additional costs. You may have to wait slightly longer for delivery but you will get exactly what you want. ‘New’ means you do not have to make do with what’s available.

Despite David Letterman having made the top 10 lists famous, there are more quantifiable reasons why people buy a new car, truck, min-van or SUV. Here are the results of our recent survey done by Larry Vonn Curtis.


1. Peace of mind.

Peace of mind

One of the biggest advantages of buying new is the peace of mind that the car has not been driven poorly or abused by anyone else. As every driver has a different way of driving there is no guarantee with a used car that it hasn’t been subjected to driving techniques which have had a detrimental effect on the vehicle.

Owners of old cars often get perplexed while making decision whether to go for repair or not, when their car faces trouble yet again. It is advisable to keep the car if they think it is possible to make more money by selling it in the repaired state, after sometime. However, if the repair cost is more than the value of car then it makes sense for the owners to opt for buying a new one.


2. If engine needs replacement.

Engine replacement

Any vehicle cannot work without engine and it is quite important to have a tough, efficiently working engine which creates minimal problems. A worn out or problematic engine may justify replacement only if the other parts of the vehicle are in excellent condition, with the vehicle having partial or fully covered insurance within warranty period. However, if the car is old and engine is causing problem, chances are other vital parts of the car have also endured damages. Hence instead of buying an expensive engine for an old car, a better idea would be to buy a new car.


3. The vehicle needs several major repairs.


At times the repairs may not be time taking or doesn’t cost much, but they may be several of them which can slow the repairing process. Further even if they are managed individually and slowly, the cost and time for getting them repaired increases. As a result, it can become a big commitment to the owner and become unmanageable after sometime. Replacing the vehicle can then be the ideal way to get out of the problem.


4. The vehicle’s new parts are unavailable or unaffordable.


Though it is fine to repair any vehicle any number of times, it is not possible sometimes especially when the new parts are not available or they are so expensive that the owner cannot afford them. As the automotive industry is changing, the parts used in your old car may get outdated or unavailable at anytime. So, if the car is in such condition, it is better to let it go for sale.


5. Moving to new environment.


The vehicle you own currently is your prefect car and it has all the features you require now, but what if you have to change to new environment. In such a case, you have to reconsider your vehicle choice especially if adding additional features does not make the car suitable for your current needs. In case you are prepared to own any number of cars, then switching to another vehicle is possible otherwise replacing the present one is the only option.


6. The vehicle has met a major accident.

car accident

Most of the mechanics and repairing services can only manage some types of repairs. They can bring back a wrecked car to normal shape so that it can run again without problems. However, the same thing cannot be done for a vehicle that has met a major accident. The impact can break the reliability and safety of the vehicle regardless of how finely the repairs have been done. Further, the resale value will go down due to its condition. So, selling it as early as possible is the best option.


7. Your status gets a boost.

Status boost

If you have finally received your long due promotion or have done exceptionally well in your business, it may be time to realize your dream of driving a luxury car. So give a cheerful goodbye to your old car and buy a car that matches your new status.


8. More members in your family.

Family in a car

If your parents are coming to stay with you or if you are expecting kids in the family, your coupe may not be suitable to accommodate everybody in one car for a drive. So, it is a good reason to buy a car that will be able to fit all family members together for a cheerful ride.


9. Gifting away your old car.

give away

If your son and daughter have grown up to be legally able to drive a car and are in need of a car of their own, you may gift them your old car till they are able to afford a new car. Besides, this gives you a reason to buy a gorgeous new car for yourself.


10. Donating your car in a charity.

Donate a car

Charitable organizations need a car for various reasons. In case, the charity you support is in need of a car, you may like to donate your old car and buy yourself a new one.


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