Top 10 Problems Positive Affirmations Can Help You With

Positive affirmations are an amazing way of rewiring your mind naturally so you can work on problems that have been standing between you and the life you have desired.

They are simply affirmative statements that you would repeat to yourself over and over every day, preferably at the time you just woke up, and before you went to bed.

Usually, if you use them the right way – by standing in a confident manner and reciting them with full belief in what you are saying – you would see results within a few weeks.

Let us go over some common problems people have solved with proper use of positive affirmations.


1. Positive Affirmations for Motivation and Positivity


Motivation and a positive mindset go hand in hand. How affirmations would work is that they would negate the negative thought patterns, and replace those thoughts with positive ones, like:

“I always see the bright side of life”, “I feel great about my life”, “I am naturally confident” and “I enjoy meeting new people”.
Gradually these thoughts become your default thoughts that replace the negative, unproductive ones.


2. Positive Affirmations for Confidence


When you have a positive outlook on life, it is not hard to become confident. You realize that the only failure in life is failure to act and try new things. That is a sure fire way of never getting what you want.

Example of positive affirmations for confidence which you would recite to yourself include: “I am powerful”, “I am outgoing”, “I believe in myself fully”, “I go after what I want” and many others.

Imagine how better your life will be when you replace your negative thoughts with these positive ones, and become more confident than you ever realized was possible.


3. Positive Affirmations for the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Taking control of your mind and thoughts to such a degree that you are able to actively invite in your life what you desire in a learnable skill. Learning that skill is the essence of the law of attraction.

There are various degrees in success people are able to achieve while using LOA. The results vary from speed at which they appear after you want to manifest something, to the degree of how accurate the manifestation was.

In either case, positive affirmations are able to help you adopt a frame of mind that will eventually make you a master at manifesting.

Sample affirmations for those that want to improve their manifestation skills might be “I easily attract success in my life”, “My thoughts have the power to create my reality”, “I achieve anything I desire” and “I easily control my thoughts”.


4. Positive Affirmations for Money Mastery


Who among us can honestly say that they do not want to make more money? Positive affirmations can help you achieve a mindset so you will get out of debt as much as they can help you learn the mindset of a millionaire.

Some messages one would repeat to him or herself are “I have an intense drive to succeed”, “I always work hard”, “I easily manage my finances”, “My mind is focused on getting out of debt”, but of course this is just a small sample.


5. Positive Affirmations for Health


Of course, it is more important to be healthy that to be rich. The only desire of a sick rich man is the same as the only desire of a sick poor man – they both want to get better.

Positive affirmations can help you to stay clear of sickness by boosting the immune system as much as they can help you stop getting migraines.

Some affirmations for health many people use are “I am a healthy individual”, “I heal quickly and naturally”, “I easily resist illness”, “I am in control of the migraines”.


6. Positive Affirmations for Relationships

Woman embracing her boyfriend

If you are rich and healthy, the only thing you are missing is a special someone to share all the good fortune with.
Recite positive affirmations and develop a strong, secure, happy, lasting and jealousy free relationship, by repeating these affirmations “I support my partner at all times”, “I am positive about my relationship”, “I love my partner unconditionally”, “I easily express my thoughts and feelings”, among others.


7. Positive Affirmations for Dreaming

I believe I can fly! Yeah, in your dreams

Many people believe that dreams are more real than what we perceive our joint reality to be. They love to indulge in exploring the dream world, but the only problem is that they often forget what they dreamt about.

Use some of these positive affirmations to be able to remember your dreams or learn how to lucid dream “I naturally remember my dreams”, “I have a perfect dream memory”, “I am having a lucid dream tonight”, “I have a strong recollection of my dreams”.


8. Positive Affirmations for Creativity


Positive affirmations like “I always take a perfect picture”, “I have a wild imagination”, “I am naturally very creative” or “I easily overcome a writer’s block” can help artists increase their creativity, writers get over their writers block or photographers to take better pictures.


9. Positive Affirmations for Learning


Positive affirmations are capable of helping you keep an open, focused, clear mind and can rewire your thoughts so you think in a more rational and logical manner.

Using affirmations such as “I quickly learn new languages”, “My study skills are constantly improving”, “I think rationally and logically at all times” and “My mind is clear and focused” will make your mind gradually start performing better under all situations where a higher level of logical thinking is required.


10. Positive Affirmations for Sports

Aggression in sports

Positive affirmations can even help you become better at sports. You can change your thoughts to always think like you are at your full physical potential at basketball, football, tennis, swimming, running, or any sport you are into.

You would need to repeat affirmations that sound like “I am a natural tennis player”, “I run faster day by day” “I easily score points” and “I have excellent coordination of my movements”.

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