Top 10 Things Which Make People Move

There are a variety of reasons why people move, ranging from life changing events, such as a new child, to smaller issues regarding noisy neighbors or raised rents. If you’ve been searching for the definitive list of the reasons why people decide to pack up those moving boxes and set out for a brand new address, then you are in luck. Here are the top 10 reasons why people move:


1. Residence is too small

Residence is too small

One of the top reasons why people pack those cardboard moving boxes and set out for a new address is simply because they have outgrown their current living space and are looking for a place with more room/square footage.


2. Job relocation

job relocation

Whether you’ve been offered a better position in another company that is outside of geographical region or your present company is moving their offices, a job relocation is a convincing reason to move homes, and ranks high on our list.


3. New Addition to the Family

New Addition to the Family

The birth or adoption of a new child can cause many families to rethink their current home and wonder if they may need move. Also, taking in an elderly family member can be cause for a move of homes as well.


4. Retirement


Given that those who retire are no longer tied to their geographical location, many retirees are left to ponder about their ideal place to live during their golden years. Therefore, many people pack their moving boxes and head for other areas of the globe once they are free from their work duties.


5. Financial Issues

Financial Issues

Being let go from one’s job or having unexpected expenses crop up can be a reason for many to move homes. Most find that downsizing their living accommodations can make up for the income that they have lost, and can enable them to build up their financial foundations again.


6. Neighborhood has changed

Neighborhood has changed

Increased crime rates and other neighbors leaving the area are both reasons why people may choose to move from their homes as well, given that they overall atmosphere of the neighborhood has changed or they feel as if it has become unsafe in general.


7. Marriage/Divorce


Getting married or divorced can cause one or both partners to relocate from their current home, especially if a divorce settlement has called for a division of assets or a new marriage leaves the couple with too small of a space.


8. Children have grown and moved out

Children have grown and moved out

“Empty Nesters” may find that their home is simply too large now that their children have moved on, and might believe that it’s more beneficial to downsize to a smaller home or apartment.


9. Want to be closer to/further away from family

close to family

Those living far away from their extended family members might move in order to be closer to them. Likewise, some might choose to move to be further away from pesky family members who may be intruding upon their personal lives.


10. Financial Gain

Financial Gain

Suddenly coming into a significant sum of money (such as winning the lotto or receiving an unexpected promotion) is yet another reason to buy cardboard moving boxes, hire a moving truck, and upgrade your residence.

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