Top 10 Things to Do when GMAIL is Down!

Recently, Gmail has been giving problems to its users. All of a sudden, you may find that you have signed out of your Gmail even without your knowledge! The reason behind this thing is not so clear to us. After all, why should we know about it? Since we are the end users, we just need prompt service and nothing more to it.
So what are the things that you can do when Gmail lets you down all of a sudden? Here we shall see some of the best options for you to spend time effectively without cribbing about how Gmail has turned out these days.


1. Go to Twitter


You can happily go to Twitter and crib or curse about the nasty Gmail servers that ditched you all of a sudden. In fact, this is one of the best options as you can kill your boredom too while you simultaneously complain about your problem. We are human beings and cribbing about things is our birthright, isn’t it?


2. Choose Facebook or Orkut


If not Twitter, you can always choose Orkut (err! It is also prone to problems too) or Facebook for this purpose. You could also play some petty games there. You can also blindly take those Facebook quizzes that are best time pass solutions ever.


3. Blog about the problem


You can also blog about this problem of yours caused by Gmail and express your anger and other emotions. In fact, blogs are the best since no one can question you about your expressions. Thus, it is the best place to put all your feelings right there and watch what people have to say.


4. Get some exercise


Tell yourself that you have been sitting in front of the computer for very long so you should consider a small walk in your lane. You can also take your dog along. Get some exercise for your body that has been up all day.


5. Clean your room

clean your room

Care to clean your room, which has never received your attention for over a month or two. Else, you can also try to wipe your PC clean with a cloth or even use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.


6. Write in your blog

blog spot

If you are a technical person and know how to back up Gmail when it is down, then write about it too in your personal blog spot. This way, you will be helping people to access Gmail even when it goes down.


7. Call your friends

pick your mobile

You can pick your mobile phone and start calling up your friends you have never met since long. These busy working hours have left us with little time for friends and family members. Make use of this opportunity to tell them how much you have been missing them all this while. You can also tell them how Gmail went down today upsetting your day.


8. Watch a movie

watching DVD

Pick your favourite movie CD or DVD from your collection and sit back on your couch to watch the same. You can also prepare a bowl full of popcorn and get it to your living room so that you are all set to watch the movie without any disturbance.


9. Play the guitar

guitar playing

You can as well pick up your guitar that has been lying in the corner for long without being cleaned of the dirt and dust. If you don’t own a guitar, you can pick a novel and finish the same without cribbing about not having time to complete it. As soon as you are done with it, you can try cooking a new recipe in your kitchen.


10. Gmail is back

gmail-log into your account

By the time you follow steps 1 through 9, you will see that Gmail is back and working! Just log into your account and access it like before.



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