Top 10 Odd Reasons To Break Up

Let’s set the record straight first – breaking up with someone on grounds on infidelity, constant physical and emotional abuse or because you lost interest in a person or realizing you two don’t share common goals is perfectly normal and recommended. While the aforementioned are the most common reasons, sometimes ending a relationship before it gets to that also makes sense. However, sometimes people tend to give up on a person they have feelings for without actually trying to make things work. Following is a list of 10 terrible reasons to end a romantic relationship.


1. I don’t like your friends


It is said that it’s actually a miracle for humanity to be able to survive as a single type of species, considering the unique personality traits of all 7 billion people living on Earth today. Even though it is impossible for a person to like all others that he/she interacts with, using your friends as a reason to break up with somebody is actually the coward’s way out. This can be viewed as passive-aggressive behavior that has a simple solution: if you don’t like your partner’s friends or they don’t like you, then you could arrange it so you go out with one at a time. This way you will get to know each and every one of them better and possibly, change your opinion.


2. I don’t like the way you dress

the way you dress

Nothing yells shallow more than the fact that you don’t agree with the clothing style of your partner. Obviously, this is a reason often used by girls to break up with their boyfriends, women who don’t really seem to realize that guys in general aren’t interested in fashion as much as them. In all fairness, if your boyfriend doesn’t really care about clothes, you could use that to your advantage and buy him the apparel you like. Rest assured, he will wear them!


3. I don’t have time for a relationship

don't have time

In general, getting your priorities straight is an overall good idea. However, deciding to break up with a person you have feelings for because you think that the world will stand still without your undivided attention is a bad approach. In spite of the fact that you are a very important person for your company, don’t forget that even astronauts, doctors, judges and presidents have wives and they all enjoy spending some quality time with their loved ones.


4. This is getting too serious

getting too serious

Possibly due to an innate fear of commitment, men often choose to end a relationship on the premises that things are getting too serious for them. Ironically, even though there are some women out there whose only purpose in life is marriage, the vast majority don’t really ask for a strong commitment from their partner in the early stages of a relationship. Frankly, men who fit this description should be honest with themselves and admit that they are not really looking for a romantic relationship, but instead prefer to enjoy the advantages of not being tied down.


5. Things aren’t moving too fast

things aren't moving too fast

Perhaps in an attempt to get physically intimate with their girlfriends, certain guys decide to put some pressure on them and shout out loud and clear that things aren’t going fast enough for their taste. Instead of waiting for the relationship to follow its normal course or try to understand their girlfriends’ reasons, they initiate the breakup to avoid being dumped and consequentially, sidestepped by the pretty girls in town.


6. Minor and nonsensical fights


Pain, suffering and more recently, drama are ingredients that some people cannot do without because it makes them feel alive. However, when you start fighting out of every little thing and those minor conflicts escalate into full-blown arguments, then you should take a step back and realize that the real reasons for the hostility is the fact that he/she wants to break up, but is unable to come up with a good motivation. Although laughable, these minor fights do get the job done, leaving the other person emotionally scarred (hopefully, only for a little while).


7. I don’t like the way you eat

the way you eat

More often than not, seeing a person having a snack and making a complete mess on the table, while his/her clothes and face are covered with crumbs of food is off putting. However, deciding to end the relationship because of how that person spends a maximum of 30 minutes per day is sort of ridiculous. If you find this behavior disgusting, then you could simply tell the other person to knock it off because it bothers you.


8. You spend your money recklessly

spend money

As you probably guessed, this is a break up excuse commonly used by certain types of shallow girls. Regardless of whether the guy decides to be downright dumb, stingy or on the contrary, very generous, don’t forget that it’s his money. In addition, even if he loves throwing money out the window, he is not in any way obliged to spend his money on you. If you care so much about how he spends his cash and it eats you up that he’s not spending it on buying you things, then it’s time to reevaluate your life goals.


9. You don’t do what I say

do what i say

Expecting your partner to do and act exactly as you say is a clear sign that you don’t have any respect for that person. OK, you might not appreciate the fact that he’s out for three days in a row drinking with his buddies or that she felt the need to express her opinion on a topic she’s not familiar with. However, if you want to pull the plug after one incident simply because you feel the need to control your partner, then you are the one with a problem.


10. You don’t like everything I like

don't like everything i like

While it is true that the partners in a couple should have some things in common, that doesn’t necessarily means that your significant other should be your exact doppelganger. Differences are healthy, normal and recommended, considering that you have the perfect opportunity to give your relationship some space while you are busy pursuing your hobbies and interests.

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