Top 10 Cleaning Mistakes We Unknowingly Make

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Even though most people hate spending the few hours of their free time during the weekend tidying up the house, eventually everyone does it. Cleaning the house is crucial because it ensure the environment you live in is free of dirt, allergens and harmful microorganism. Not to mention that it helps prolong the lifespan of your furniture and other household appliances.

True enough, considering that your home will get dirty again – sometimes pretty damn fast because you have little kids or a furry friend around the house – some might see this action as futile. However, since you have to do it anyhow, don’t you want to do the job right the first time? Following is a top of the most common cleaning mistakes you too might be making without realizing it.


1. You use the wrong cleaning products

cleaning products

A widespread and common mistake most people make during their cleaning routine is not using the right tool for the job. While ruining an inexpensive area rug is not going to affect you too much, utilizing the wrong cleaners on natural stone counter tops will surely be costly. Therefore, in order to prevent etching and other damages, you should always read the label and establish if the formula of the product is acidic or basic and hence, suitable to use on a certain type of surface. In addition, it is important to note that mixing chemicals in order to obtain that ultra-clean effect is an error that could prove fatal.


2. Washing windows on hot, sunny days

Washing windows

Since natural light makes those smudges and fingertips on your windows more visible, you are probably thinking that there is no better time for scrubbing the windows than a warm, sunny day. Without denying this is true, it is necessary to mention that the hot temperatures also affect the effectiveness of your cleaning products and will cause the motion to leave behind streaks. This is especially true for ammonia based window cleaners. However, you can overcome this setback by utilizing a handheld steamer free of harsh chemicals.


3. You use the same wash cloth/sponge for an extended period of time

wash sponge

In the eventuality that you are using sponges or wash clothes to scrub various surfaces around the house, then you must remember to change them regularly. Wet cleaning aids filled with dust, debris, allergens and other microorganisms constitute the ideal environments for bacteria. Even though most people are accustomed to throwing these items away only when they start developing an unpleasent smell, the correct approach is to change them every week.


4. You do not wear rubber gloves

wear rubber gloves

Because in order to remove difficult stain you might have to utilize harsh chemicals, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from burns and irritations. As dermatologists suggest, certain cleaning products tend to penetrate beyond the protective natural oils found in the skin and damage the superior layer of the epidermis. Nonetheless, if you have applied harsh cleaning products on a stain without wearing protection, you can still mitigate the harm by rinsing thoroughly after you are done.


5. You try to remove spills from the carpet by scrubbing

remove spills from the carpet

The only thing you will manage to achieve by trying to remove a spill from the carpet via scrubbing is to damage the fibers in the rug permanently. Even if the stain is no longer visible, the particle ingraining into the carpet’s fibers will become a new place for bacteria to thrive. A better solution implies pouring a small quantity of soda water and then blotting the spill with a clean dry cloth.


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