Top 10 Reasons Ron Paul May Be The Next President Of The United States

For the 3rd time, Ron Paul is running for Presidency of the United States. If elected he would become the oldest President to take office, 77. Here are top 10 reasons why Ron Paul may be the next president of the United States.


1. Win major caucuses:

Bloomberg Polls show that Paul could win and tie for first in the Iowa caucus. They also show that he could come in second in New Hampshire. If he is able to do so, predictions show he could rise in both the West and the South.


2. Candidate who can succeed:

The public policy poll shows he is the only candidate to beat Barak Obama to the White House in 2012. Rasmussen Poll also shows that the popularity is dead even.


3. Federal Budget:

Ron Paul may be elected as he put forth a pledge. He was the first 2012 Republican candidate to do so. He seeks commitment from politicians for change of debit limit, spending decree and taxation.


4. Predictions:

Ron Paul made predictions about the economy and its downturn 10 years before it occurred. He was a presidential hopeful 2 times before and has not been able to win yet. This is a good argument that attracts attention.


5. Bringing troops home:

He is willing to bring the troops home, 100%. He is cutting the deficit, by cutting programs which are not essential, such as department of energy and military spending. He wants to keep funding for health care and social security, which are important for people.


6. Patriot act:

He tries to take away the Patriot Act. The act is already unpopular. Since its enactment, it has been widely criticized. Many critics believe it was passed opportunistically after September 11 attacks.


7. Monetary Policy:

He concentrates the Federal Reserve and Monetary policy unlike many presidential hopefuls and candidates. Unlike Obama, he is against increasing the debt ceiling and feels you cannot resolve the debt by increasing the ceiling.


8. Broad support:

Ron Paul tries to build support from a broad group of individuals of various socio-economic classes. He also tries to please different lobby groups, not focusing on any in particular.


9. Obama’s reputation:

Let’s say Paul was elected to represent Republicans, his reputation is much more credible than Obama’s. Obama is still a major contender in 3 scandals and had to deal with criticism over BP oil leaks. The debt is soaring and the unemployment rate has been worse than ever before. The predictions in his 2008 campaign have almost all failed.


10. Ron Gold:

He intends to get rid of Fed and bring back the gold standard. Many are against the Fed and want it removed with the housing issues and the falling dollar. This may work for his favor this time around.


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