Top 10 Most Popular Mel Gibson Films

There are way too many films showing out there that a lot of people could not compile their own list of top 10 movies of all times. And depending on their mood, the list of their favorite movies could change by the day or week. Nevertheless, picking the top ten most popular Mel Gibson movies has become quite easy if like me, you love watching films starring this particular superstar. A couple of these great movies coincidentally make up my overall top ten best films of all times. Being the movie enthusiast I am, I have watched innumerable films through the years. In this regard, here are some of best movie choices starring Mel Gibson, but in no particular order.


1. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory

Basically, when you take and merge two extraordinary actors such as Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson, then you really know you can’t go wrong. As it is, Mel and Julia’s chemistry in this particular movie is great and most film aficionadas love every minute of it. The movie has other legendary film personalities like Patrick Stewart in it. His role here is definitely and downright quite disconcerting to say the least. The film has just about the right mixture of creepiness, action and suspense to keep any person on the edge of his or her seat, if not, begging for more.


2. Apocalypto


This film gives an insight into the end of the primordial Mayan civilization. One tribesman, Jaguar Paw, is captured from his quiet village by some people from an evil tribe. He must escape from his kidnappers at all costs so as to save own life and that of his family (wife and child). The entire conversations are in a foreign language, all making the experience quite real for the viewers. And to say the truth, this epic film will be a great surprise to a majority of people who haven’t had the chance to view this film. It is possibly the best American native based film you will ever see. We always see Mel Gibson as an actor but for this special movie, it was directed by him. Mel may be considered by some people as a silly fellow in his personal life, but his talents are what make him the superstar he is.


3. Braveheart


This is a favorite Mel Gibson film for many people, if not all movie enthusiasts. It has a runtime of around three hours and as it goes, if a movie is that long, then it definitely has to be have an attention catching and intriguing narrative. As it is, Braveheart has this aspect and much more. From its start to the very end, you will stay hooked and glued to your seat and screen. It will run you through the wheels of emotions leaving you quite drained but thoroughly entertained. One moment you will be laughing, the next swearing in anger, the next crying and so forth. This is truly one of the best films ever made and if you haven’t yet watched it, then now is the time for it. However, be warned, if you are afraid of large amounts of blood and gore, then this is not your type of film.


4. What Women Want

What Women Want

Gibson’s role in this movie is quite different from what everyone is used to seeing him play. However, being the great actor that he is, this new role is played to perfection. If the stars don’t have the right chemistry, then the movie can never be great. Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt had this sort of perfect chemistry when acting on this film. Their interactions were quite attention catching and hilarious, making anyone watching this movie fully entertained.


5. Signs


This is one of my favorite Gibson’s movies, in fact it is my 2nd favorite Mel’s films of all times! However, if you are scared of ghosts or aliens sorts of movies, then this is not your type of a film. “Signs” is really a scary movie as it is all about aliens and ghosts. When you watch it in the quiet of your home, every little noise around will greatly bother you. Though some people are not Joaquin Phoenix and Mel Gibson fans, their different roles in “Signs” greatly fitted them.


6. Ransom


In this movie, Gibson’s performance is simply unforgettable. He plays a self-made air transport tycoon whose beloved son (Brawley Nolte) is abducted. As in any Mel Gibson’s movies, this film is filled with intense dramatic scenes that leave anyone watching it wanting some more long after it is has ended. Simply put, this film plays around with your emotions, keeping you fired up all the way till the end.


7. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

Action and comedy alongside, two mismatched cops discover how to work collectively. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are the main characters in this classic must-watch movie. The film is in the same league as Die Hard.


8. Payback


Mel Gibson does not start out in this movie well; he gets shot by his wife leaving him for the dead, but luckily he survives. He hunts for his traitorous wife and her partner to even out scores. This is a must see movie that will leave you looking for more long after it has ended.


9. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Mad Max 2_The Road Warrior

Though being one of the earliest movies that Mel Gibson starred in, this is definitely one of the best. The action is thrilling while the narrative is quite captivating. Gibson (Max) is a rancorous drifter who ends up owing his miserable life to a group that has been made rich by gasoline dealings. So as to pay up for what he owes the group, he assists them to escape from a brutal bunch of criminals that are hell bent on killing each member of the gasoline group.


10. Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness

This is not one of your average action movies; it is a well thought out, well cast and perfectly delivered film with a solid plot. The movie does not rely on gimmicks like many of its type; it is smart and very well written. The strong bloody violence that quickly earned it an R rating does not waste your time nor is it boring. The movie is quite violet, shocking but straight to the point. In addition, it is pretty sentimental and unpredictable, all at the same time. This movie truly has something for all action or thriller fans, particularly those who like watching Mel Gibson films.

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