Top 10 Ways to Overcome Tiredness

Tiredness is the feeling that all of us must have had many times. The main culprits of this tiredness are stress, multiple tasks, overwork and lifestyle. One thing that must be kept in mind is that you should not switch to medicines and vitamin tablets as soon as you realize you are tired. There are some other ways to overcome tiredness and those ways do not involve spending dollars on medical bills. A change in your lifestyle and a few habits will help in keeping you miles away from tiredness and fatigue. Some of the things that you should take care of are mentioned and listed below:


1. Get enough sleep:

Get enough sleep

The first thing that you must do to avoid tiredness is to sleep for enough time. If you sleep for enough amount of time, then you will not get tired. Sleeping for a body is like recharging for a battery. Staying up late in the night and watching movies will not help your body, instead it will make you more tired. A person complaining about tiredness should specially understand this. Go to sleep on a fixed time everyday and wake up early on a fixed time. Also, you should improve the environment in which you sleep and make it dark and quiet. As soon as you start taking care of your sleep routine, you will yourself feel the activeness in your body and you will not feel tired anymore.


2. Stay away from Stress:

Stay away from stress

Another very common reason of getting tired is stress. When you beat stress, you beat tiredness. So, to tackle with your tiredness, you must tackle with your stress and make it go away. To deal with stress, firstly identify the reason of your stress. The common causes of stress are relationship issues, work load, financial issues, etc. Try to look into the problem that is causing stress and search for options and solutions instead of just worrying about it. Also, take out some time for some kind of relaxation technique such as massage, hot bath, music session, etc. In this way, you will be stress free and ultimately, you will be away from tiredness.


3. Healthy Diet:

Healthy diet

A balanced diet is the most important demand of your body. If you feel fatigued and sluggish, then you must blame your diet. You must make sure that your meals are healthy and you take them at the proper time. Don’t ever skip your breakfast just because you are in a hurry to go to work, don’t leave your lunch because you are too lazy to go to the canteen and also if you forgot to carry the lunch to work and don’t skip your dinner because you are working late. Also in the long intervals between meals, you should eat some snacks that will help you by energizing you and make you survive the load without getting tired. Ensure that your meal has sufficient amount of carbohydrates and your blood sugar is maintained so as to avoid fatigue.


4. Avoid evening Coffee:

Avoid evening coffee

If you are having caffeine during the day, then it may work as energy booster. Some people are addicted to coffee and want it to be the first thing in morning. But you should always remember that having coffee in the evening time will do nothing but make you sleep restlessly. Not only coffee but caffeine in any form should be avoided, which means tea, chocolates, colas, etc. Consuming caffeine will make you restless and won’t let you sleep correctly. This will not help to cope up with tiredness and instead it will add up to the tiredness for the coming day as you are not having a proper sleep. To deal with fatigue, cut your addiction to caffeine.


5. Exercise:


Exercise is a necessity if you get tired on regular days. Physical activity will boost up the energy level of your body and therefore, avoid fatigue. A person feels tired because the body is not fit for doing what it is supposed to do. To make your body fit, exercising is the best thing you can come up with. In your daily routine, include a special hour for exercising and some other physical activity so as to stay energized the whole day. If you do not have time to go to a gym, you may walk a few blocks on your way to work and catch a bus after one or two stops, use stairs instead of elevator and try cycling. You can include time for running, swimming, gym, etc.


6. Drink Enough Water:

Drink enough water

The amount of water you have in a day must be around 2 liters. This is the recommended amount and depends on various factors such as the amount of work that you do and the working environment around you. Drinking less water will make you tired and one must not let that situation arise. You should always keep a bottle filled with mineral water within one hand’s reach, so that you can satisfy your thirst immediately. If you drink less water then, you will get dehydrated and dehydration will affect your mental ability to complete your task. This is because a person’s performance depends on the fact that he is taking enough water, having enough food and is not thirsty or hungry. One can get rid of tiredness and fatigue by drinking the recommended amount of water.


7. Go Slow:

Go Slow

These days, everyone is occupied with a lot of tasks and they want to do all of them at once. This nature of the people of doing everything simultaneously requires energy and makes one tired. They expect a lot from themselves and believe that they can finish up their job in the least time. They will do their job, and at the same time juggle between family and friends. They want to do it all but do not have enough hours and thus cut down their sleeping time. A minimization in the sleeping duration is not the best idea, because the next day you will get up tired. Tiredness can be removed only if you take things slowly. It is okay to not do all your work in a single day if you are not willing to end up with fatigue and nothing else.


8. Fresh Air:

Fresh air

Your body is not a machine and you cannot live if you are away from fresh air. Sitting in an office, around your laptop, around the smell of papers, all this will not help you to fight tiredness. Whenever you feel tired, take a break of at least 10 minutes, go out and have some fresh air so that you can get energized. Not just going out is important but also breathing correctly is important. Don’t just inhale but inhale it properly till our abdomen. Also, whenever you are inside an office, check if you have windows and that they are open to have a proper circulation of air. This way, your body will get oxidized and you will be revitalized. So to avoid getting tired, focus on proper breathing.


9. Therapies:


There are a lot of complementary therapies that will help you fight tiredness. Some of them that are most effective are yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are two different therapies and not to be confused with each other. Both of them re-energizes your body and also help in a good sleep at night. These help you to become more active in your daily activities and you become stress free and fatigue-free. Other complementary therapies that help in this case are Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, massage, etc. They help in making you feel fresh and active all the time and reduce the stress, thus reducing the tiredness.


10. Take advice:

Take advice

Take help from others when you are over-loaded. In case you have a lot of work to do and you have a friend at work, one of your colleagues and he is free at the moment, then it is not wrong to ask for his help. This is what friends are for – to help when need may. But for this you must have friends. Learn to socialize with people, communicate nicely with all those whom you work with and those whom you live with. Share things with them, chat with them and trust them. And if you are tired like hell, instead of taking stress and getting more tired, you can ask for help. Do not forget to express the gratitude for their help.


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