Top 10 Gifts Girls Love to Get

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As they say, actions speak louder than words. Gifting in the same way, is one action your loved ones really love. What better way to express what you feel by a token that says that, all by itself?

Talking about girls, Gifts and Surprises : Two words that get a girl excited and chirpy at almost any point of the day, or night, or whenever But then you need to tread very cautiously. These words make her enthusiastic to beyond you can imagine, and raising her hopes and then going for a wrong gift might not only spoil her mood, your relationship might get into danger as well.

So before you go out of ideas, or go for cheesy old fashioned gifts like teddy bears, roses, a box of chocolates (which might work in small time situations) read out list of Top 10 Gifts Girls LOVE to get.


1. An Engagement Ring/ Commitment

Engagement ring

The previous one like we said will seal the deal, this one will hold it forever. Propose her as soon she gets up in the morning with a ring already around her finger while she was sleeping. Women love wearing and flaunting their engagement ring in their ring finger. It does not have to be a huge solitaire studded in platinum, or it can be a plastic ring. Buy something that is perfect considering her sensibilities and not too heavy on your pocket as well. And then you know, you’ve got someone to count on for the rest of your life.


2. A Credit Card Add On

credit card

Okay, so this is a very careful one, only go for this when you have realised by all your heart and soul that SHE IS THE ONE, and you are going to marry her, in the long run, of course. Don’t go for it even if you have littlest of a doubt. But then when you gift her a credit card add on, and provided that she accepts your gift blissfully, you have very clearly, intelligently, suavely saved a deal for a lifetime. Congrats.


3. A weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

In today’s monotonous life every body is finding a way to escape. People are just trapped in the rut and they cannot find a way out. With friends, family, kids, colleagues, bosses hovering around you you have very little time for yourself and the person you love. If you two are even getting crunched up between time and responsibilities, plan a swift, quick and easy getaway far from the monotony just for you guys. After all, everybody needs a break. It need not be fancy. Little things do the magic. Start off by taking her to a long drive then maybe a candlelight dinner somewhere, then a night stay at a quiet hotel room. This will surely uplift both of you, spiritually as well. And did we say anything about getting closer?


4. A Smartphone or a Laptop


Girls usually don’t love gadgets.But that does mean that they don’t like to POSSESS the latest-est ones in market, more like a fashion/status symbol only. Try gifting her the newest phone in the market, or if you yourself are too brand savvy then probably an iPhone or a Blackberry. Even a Dell or VIAO laptop will do. Gifting an item that comes into everyday option is a safest choice anyhow. And these item beings quite expensive gets her to NOT expect any gift in the coming few days, you bet.


5. A silver waist chain

silver waist chain

A very unconventional gift it is. All the way round. But then this gift speaks of intimacy and personal to its very bottom core. If youmake a woman wear an accessory around her waist all the time it obviously epitomises that you are with her all the time 24x7x7x12. This gift will surely bring a smile to her face and will make sure it stays all the way long for all the days that are yet to come, as well. Whenever she will wear that special gift of yours, and when she feels the chain, she is bound to all pinky pink with happiness.


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