Top 10 Gifts Girls Love to Get

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6. A Branded Perfume or a Watch


One stop staple choice to gift when you have absolutely no idea what to gift a lady. You can never under any circumstances go wrong with a perfume or a watch until you’re are a real big time douche bag. Buying fakes, duplicates or even first copies won’t be appreciated by your lady love, mind it. She will never ever use it, and it might happen that she refuses to see you as well, after that. If you are not a rich brat with loaded pockets, never mind!, you can go gift her a Titan, that would do too. But fakes? A big NO! Why just go fancy, love finds a way out through everything.


7. Bag full of Zara Clothing

zara bag

Hahaha! This one is an exclusive one for sure. Accesories, apparels shoes, bags make girls go CRAZY. For once, but just splurge on her? If you know her choice well then good, else get help from some girlfriend of her and go shopping! Pick out some nice elagant pieces of fashionable clothes for her. Zara and Vero Moda, and Mango and Kazo and the likes have magic sprinkled on their products. Go with dresses, shoes, belts, wallets and bags from different brands if you like. If she’s the fussy choosy types then become the bag holder for the day and let her spin your money! Women, at the end of the day, love to be pampered.


8. Take her out on a Perfect Date

perfect date

Coffee dates, Lunch dates, Dinner dates, Shopping dates…? Passe! Like the men say, Women are predictable. Break this belief and organise a candle lit dinner on a yacht, in the middle of the road, at some quiet hilly spot, or just roof of your house with a shamiyana in an Arabic style with fruits and candles all around. A bottle of wine will add to the beauty of the occasion. Music is the key, soothing music does wonders. Within an hour she’d be pouring all herself on you!


9. A Ladies Night Out

A Ladies Night Out

This surely might sound like an unusual idea but it’ll surely get you in her books. Why? When she’s with you she is obviously not with her girls. And everybody in the whole wide world needs their own personal space. So why not plan and set everything out and send her out with her girlies for a night out she’d remember whole her life! And the advantage : Her girlfriends have their good books prepared to check you in! It does not have to be THAT extravagant. Only few of the women that have a special place in her heart. Book a car for her for the night with a wine shack at the back, make sure it’s a female or a trusted driver. Give her a dress she’d love to wear that day, and don’t forget to buy some goodies for her friends. Women love surprises. Make her reservations in some club on the ladies night day, maybe?


10. A Date for Two at the Spa.

A date for two at the spa

When men are asked what gift they would like to give to their girlfriends they always say girls are pretty easy to guess. Its always a statement that invites a lot of debates but when seen the reality it is a safe choice. But not do something out of the box. Girls love pampering themselves, everybody in the world knows that. So why not take her out on a Spa Date? After all the heavy rut of the day, sweltering heat and pollution and all those hectic schedule, make her feel special. A spa date is a perfect way to relax, get rid of tiredness, enjoy each other’s company and obviously, flirt with each other with all the intimacy you can think of. Also, in these sweltering summers who wouldn’t want to relax? Why not do it differently?


Gifts speak what you cannot. They always work. Trust us.

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