Top 10 Things You Should Never Do When at Work

Everyone is well aware about the things they ought to do when at work. They very well know how to manage their work, how to talk to the clients, how to talk to the boss etc. there are many people who are great at their work but still they get fires. Doing well at work is not the only thing required when at work, people expect you to be professional when you are at work. There are certain things that you should not do at your workplace. The most important things to be avoided at work are listed down below.


1. Stealing:


Stealing is a wrong habit. Stealing anything from anywhere is against moral values. A survey carried by career publisher Vault about the office supplies showed shocking figures. It showed that around 67 percent of the employees have used the office stuff and office belongings outside their work place. They even use the office supplies for their personal work. Things like pens and work notebooks are the most common office supplies that the employees take outside the office. Though you may think that using or taking a pen outside the office for your personal use is not a big issue but what if someone catches you. If you are caught using office belongings for your own use your boss can fire you. Apart from losing your job stealing is also illegal and you can even land up in the prison.


2. Sleeping during working hours

sleep during working hours

You might have had a sleepless night due to any reason, but it is really unprofessional to sleep at work. There might be times when it becomes difficult to keep our eyes open and keep our head straight but that does not implies that you can rest down your head on your desk. When you are at work it mean you have to give your full time working there and even taking a small nap is not right. It can give a wrong impression of you if your boss happens to see you sleeping during the work hours. He may even fire you from the job. It is better to wash your face, walk a little in the office or drink tea or coffee to avoid sleeping in the office.


3. Misusing office technology:

Misusing office technology

If you are provided internet access in your office it is not appropriate that you use it to watch some crank videos or to download personal stuffs. Many companies keep the record of the internet used by their co- workers. If you are caught using it for personal use, it can get you fired. It is also not correct to make personal phone calls and sending e- mails using the office supplies. Using office property like printer for personal print- out is also wrong. It is unethical to use the office technology for the personal use.


4. Talking about personal life

Talking about personal life

When at work you should avoid talking about your personal life. It is better to keep yyour professional and personal lives in two different stacks. In today’s world no one is interested in others life. They just need a source of time- pass and a gossip topic. By discussing your problems and expecting your office mates to help you, you are doing nothing but making a fool out of yourself. If you are facing some problem at home and it is hurdling your work at office than instead of talking about it to your colleagues you should talk to your boss about it. Talking to your problems to your office mates is useless and unprofessional. If you keep crying over your problems in front of them than they will get irritated with you and they can even change their views about you.


5. Hitting on your employee:

Hitting on your employee

This is a natural tendency of a human being to get attracted towards the opposite sex. You should never forget that you are in office and people here come for work and not for finding their soul mates. Instead of wasting your time on trying on someone you should concentrate on your work. Most importantly even if you have managed to get a date for yourself in the office avoid dating your colleague. There are many instances in which people are asked to leave their job or they are transferred to some other place when they are caught dating their colleagues. So if you are in love with your job than try to love someone else other than your office mate. When the ranks of the people who have hooked up aree different than the situation becomes tricky.


6. Dressing inappropriately.

dressing inappropriately

You should never forget that though office becomes your second home when you spend most of the time of your day there it is still a professional place. The most important thing taught to us is that a person should not only behave professional but also dress professional at his workplace. It is important to dress properly even if your office has a flexible dress code and you have a very cool environment with no strict rules about your dress code. Cold weather or hot weather is no excuse for dressing up into hoodies or ill fitted clothes. It does not matter that you have been working since years at the same place and no one will tell you anything even if you come in your night pajamas but still you should maintain a professional appearance in your office.


7. Salary Discussion

salary discussion

This is another most discussed topic in the office. People like to compare their salaries with their colleagues. They even talk about the salaries of other people in different office on the same post. When your salary is more than your colleague’s salary and when you flaunt about it, your colleagues may get jealous of you and they can even start disliking you. You might not find it wrong to discuss about your salary but the truth is that it is really wrong to talk about your salary even if it is lesser than your colleague’s salary. When your salary is less than the others and you constantly talk about it, you will feel discouraged and disappointment and in the long run you will only feel that you are less than others.


8. Pretending to be sick


Office can sometimes seem boring. There might be days when you wake up and realize that today is the day you do not want to go to the office. The best excuse anyone make- up is falling sick. Without reason if you will take these not-feeling- like- going- to – office vacations this will seriously affect your work. Not only your work will be affected but if in any case your boss gets to know about your fake sickness he won’t trust you the next time when you will be really sick. When you avoid going to work without reason there will be more work piled up for you the next day you go to office. It is better to use those sick vacations when you really need to.


9. Spreading gossip:

Spreading gossip

When people sit idle at work their favorite time-pass is to talk anything about someone in the office. They might find it amusing for sometimes but this can really cause trouble for you. Just to start a topic people gossip about others and no one knows what pleasure they find it talking gibberish about others. Everyone in their lifetime might have gossiped about someone in the school or at coaching or might be in office. It is better to avoid gossiping because when theses gossips reach to the person you have talked about he/ she will surely find the one who has started this gossip and then you have to face the consequences. So just do your work and if you are not left with any work to do, then do something meaningful instead of indulging in something so cheesy and childish.


10. Blaming someone else for your mistake:

Blame somebody else

There are times that you land up doing mistake while you are at work. There are chances that your boss may scold you for your mistake. When you work as a professional you are expected to show maturity rather than acting childish. You are not in a nursery class that you blame your colleague for your mistakes so that you don’t get the scolding. It is good to accept the mistake and promise not to repeat it again rather than blaming someone else for it. Making mistakes can be embarrassing sometimes but putting the blame on someone else is rather more tacky. When people will find that it’s you who is responsible for the mistake and you tried to cover it up by blaming someone else it will not only be embarrassing but it will also lower down your reputation.


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