Top 10 Most Populated American States

Population is growing day-by-day, be it in any country. There is no hold on it. Population growth is a perilous and an unavoidable threat to all the countries. Increasing population is deteriorating the environment. This growing population puts strain on the environment and the need of the hour is to address the threats caused due to increasing population as they will effect people worldwide. America is at the third place among the most populated country in the world.

America- the word that is in every other person’s mind. America is regarded as the land of equal opportunities, freedom to express their ideas and diversity of culture can be seen. The most bang up-to-date place in the world. Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is a symbol of freedom and welcomes people of all nations who dream of life in America. This could be one of the reasons why the American population is rising with each passing day. People from all over the world come to America thinking this is the place where dreams really come true. So, whenever anyone gets a chance, America is the first choice for better living. Immigration is also another important reason for increasing population of America. Also, birth rate is higher in America as compared to other countries.

The population of America has increased at a faster pace in the past few decades. The economy has improved over the last year with increasing employment opportunities. As a result, states like New York, Texas, California, posted population growth. People from all over the world moved out from their places, seeking for job in thriving economies. Advancements in Technology and demand has furthermore increased the number of people in America thereby, adding to its population growth.

America is the most powerful, highly-developed and wealthy country. Keeping in view some of the recent surveys, following are the Top 10 most Populated States of America:


1. California


California is the most populated state with an estimated total number of 38,041,430 individuals. California is situated in the West Coast of the United States. It is the most populous American state. California was the first state to have state supported universities and colleges. Due to advancement in technology, and more high-tech industries being set-up young population started increasing. More employment opportunities were seen. As a result of which, large number of people were attracted to this state thereby, increasing the population. Largest cities of United States are in California i.e. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. California is called the “GOLDEN STATE” and its capital is Sacramento.


2. Texas


Texas is the second most populous American State with an estimated total number of 26,059,203 residents. Texas gained the sobriquet of the “Lone Star State” which signifies Texas as an independent and free republic. The state capital is Austin and Houston is the largest city in Texas. The population started growing immensely in the mid-20th century when huge investments was done in the universities, more high-tech industries were established and Texas developed a diversified economy. New and more industries including agriculture, energy, electronics, petrochemicals, and aerospace were set-up. Hence, generating more job opportunities for the people. Also, the standard of living is good which attracts more people.


3. New York

New York

New York is in the North Eastern Region of United States. New York is considered as the most happening and renowned place of America. It stands at the third place among the most populated American states with a population of 19,570,261. The capital of New York is Albany. New York is the favored place for most of the foreign visitors and has 22 national parks. The largest city is the New York City. It is the center of the world’s economy and trade. Its main focus is on finance and culture which draws large population. It has the most wide and oldest transportation infrastructure in the world.


4. Florida


Florida’s population is 19,317,568. It marked itself at the fourth position. The state capital is Tallahassee. The quality of life in Florida is superb and also, the weather, the atmosphere, amusements parks and the long beaches makes it a hot spot for the tourist. Florida is also called the “Sunshine State”. Florida’s economy is increasing and depends largely on tourism, agriculture and transportation. Much of revenue is collected from tourism sector. One of the major reasons for increasing population is due to its border with the Gulf of Mexico whose immigrants enters the state and settles there for better livelihood.


5. Illinois


Illinois takes number five spot in the list of most populated American state with a population of 12,875,255 and is often regarded as a miniature model of United States. Illinois has a diverse economic base and due to many industrial cities, agriculture sectors and natural resources like coal, timber and petroleum there is a growth of industrial jobs that has attracted people from many regions. Illinois plays a vital role in the economy of the country as it has a high agricultural productivity.


6. Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is the sixth most populous state of America. Its population is 12,763,536.The state capital is Harrisburg. It is located in the North-Eastern and Mid-Atlantic region of America. Pennsylvania rich heritage draws lot of tourist thereby, generating lot of revenue. Also, the service, retail trade and manufacturing sectors provide lot many jobs which pull people towards this state. Pennsylvania nickname is “Keystone State”.


7. Ohio


Ohio’s population is 11,544,225 marking it at the seventh place among the most populous state of America. Columbus is the state’s capital and also the largest city of Ohio. Ohio is also known as the “Buckeye State”. Ohio ranks third in manufacturing employment nationwide. Tourism is a valuable revenue producer. Major attraction cities of Ohio are Canton (home of Pro Football Hall of Fame), Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Akron and many more cities. Ohio is situated in the Mid-western United States. And its geographic location is an asset for economic growth and better business opportunities.


8. Georgia


Georgia is known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South with population of 9,919,945 individuals. The state’s capital is Atlanta and is also the most populous city of Georgia. The state was named after King George II of Great Britain. The largest state in the southeast is Georgia with increasing industrial development. It emerged as a young democracy. Also, Georgia has vast land which is high-priced as compared to other stated of America. Georgia has lot of illegal immigrants which are adding up-to its population. Georgia was the last of the original Thirteen colonies of British which developed its own system of self-government.


9. Michigan


Michigan’s population was declared at 9,883,360. Its capital is Lansing and the largest city is Detroit, the Motor City itself. Michigan is bounded by five lakes, situated in the hearts of Great lake and has the longest freshwater coastline in the country. The catchy part of Michigan is recreational boating. It is the only state which consists of two peninsulas. Michigan ranks first among the states in the production of motor vehicles and parts. Also, its forest contributes a lot to the state’s economy, supporting thousands of jobs in the recreation industries and tourism.


10. North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina is the 10th most populous state of America. The state’s capital is Raleigh. North Carolina’s economy has experienced a shift away from tobacco, furniture and textiles to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and engineering enterprises. The state was ranked third best state for business in 2010 by Forbes Magazine. North Carolina is also known as “Tar Heel State” and the “Old North State”. its largest city is Charlotte. The most captivating thing of North Carolina is that it is composed of 100 beautiful countries. Each of these countries has their own importance and value for the state of North Carolina.


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