Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in India

In the last decade or so, India has progressed so much that it is now counted among the top three potential countries which is going to have the strongest economy in the next 20 years. The living standard of the people, infrastructure has grown a lot in this country. There is endless number of options available for the people to choose from and they can settle down in any city they want according to their choice and preference. Here we have listed the top ten such cities of India which are the most expensive. Here goes the list.


1. New Delhi

New Delhi

The Indian city which has topped the list is New Delhi. New Delhi is one of the best metropolitan cities not only in the country but also in the entire Asia. The gross domestic product of this city is 211.3 billion US dollars. Many major companies have their headquarters in this city. Further it is also the main political hub of the country. The real estate prices have increased a lot in this city. New Delhi is not only the political place but is also one of the most rocking cities in India. The night life of this city will surely attract you and you will feel like getting settled down here.


2. Mumbai


Mumbai is the city placed at the number second place in the list. Mumbai is also considered as the financial capital of India. The PPP gross domestic product of Mumbai is 125 billion US dollars and it is way behind New Delhi. The results of the various surveys which were conducted in various parts of the country reveals that Mumbai is in fact one of the richest cities in India purely based on the fact that it has the highest gross domestic product. Mumbai is also the home of the very famous Bollywood movies which attracts people the most. The cost of living in Mumbai is quite high and so is the real estate in here. The famous marine drive, home of Bollywood is among various things which attract people to this beautiful city.


3. Bangalore


The city which we have next is Bangalore and it has progressed so much in the last decade or so that today the economy of the India depends slightly on performance of the companies based in this south Indian city. The gross domestic product of Bangalore is 69 billion US dollars. Bangalore is one of the India’s most important and largest Information technology hubs. This beautiful city is also known by the name of the Garden city and most importantly as the Beta World City. In the coming years, Bangalore will become one of the most expensive cities not only in India but in the whole Asia. At this very moment Bangalore is one of the best city in India equipped with almost everything that is necessary in this modern lifestyle.


4. Chennai


Considered as one of the most important metropolitan city in whole India, the city at the number fourth place is Chennai. Within a very short span of time, Chennai has grown in almost every field and so today it is among the most expensive place to live in when we are talking about India. The PPP gross domestic product list shows Chennai by a figure of 120 million US dollars. The outsourcing is one of the major industries in Chennai. Companies ranging from computers to Information technology, automobiles are the ones which have been a major backbone of Chennai’s economy. Chennai is an extremely charming place with eye-catching natural beauty.


5. Hyderabad


The city which is at the number fifth place is Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Going by the population, this city is the sixth largest city in India. The gross domestic product of this city is 58 billion US dollars. Moreover this south Indian city is also known by the name of “City of Pearls”. Hyderabad is home for large number of IT companies. The other industries which have boomed in and around Hyderabad are of pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Due to all these factors the real estate rate as well the cost of living in this city has taken a sharp rise. This is an excellent city to visit.


6. Pune


The second largest city of Maharashtra, Pune is next in our list. This Indian city fits into the category of the best place to get settled in. It has an excellent world-class housing facilities and infrastructure. The sugar as well as the automobile industry in this area has been one of the prime reasons as why Pune has progressed in the recent years. The PPP GDP of Pune is 48 billion US dollars. The lifestyle and living standards of this city is truly amazing and is one of the major reason due to which Pune is among the most expensive city in India. Pune has slowly grown into one of the major metropolitan city of India. With the excellent infrastructure as well as the natural beauty this city has been one of the major tourist attractions.


7. Kolkata


This is the capital city of West Bengal and it is at the number seventh place in the list. Kolkata is one of the major tourist destinations as well as one of the important business destinations in the eastern part of India. The gross domestic product of this city is 112 billion US dollars. There are large numbers of Indian multinationals who have established their headquarters in this Indian city. Today the real estate business is at its peak here. According to the ranking of the most popular metropolitan city in India, it is next to Delhi and Mumbai. Lately the IT sector which has grown in this city has helped a lot in its overall progress and evolution. This beautiful city has everything that one desires for. Be here to experience an excellent culture and a rocking night life. Kolkata has earned popularity among the people for being so beautiful and scenic.


8. Ahmedabad


The city which is at the number eighth place is Ahmedabad. This beautiful city is in the state of Gujarat and is one of the major business hubs of that state. Ahmedabad has 52 billion US dollars as its gross domestic product. Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in India and going by the metropolitan city ranking, it is at the number seventh place. Recent surveys conducted by various organisations have considered Ahmedabad as one of the best mega city for people to get settled in. Ahmedabad has slowly developed into such a beautiful place that everyone one wants to get settled here. This place is famous throughout the world for being one of the largest exporters of jewellery as well as denim. The gross domestic product of Ahmedabad is very close to 59 million US dollars. The pleasing atmosphere of Ahmedabad is surely going to suit the lifestyle of the common people.


9. Chandigarh


The city that we have next in our list is Chandigarh and it is the capital of two Indian states Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is the first Indian city that was built with proper planning. The gross domestic product of this beautiful city is around 2.2 billion US dollars and it’s per capital income is close to Rs 99,262. Chandigarh is very famous for its excellent, enchanting and charming beauty that this is the best place for any age group to get settled in and this has been the case in the last few years or so. The infrastructure of the city will please and attract anyone to the core.


10. Jaipur


This list starts with Jaipur at the tenth number spot. It is the capital city of Rajasthan. Popularly this city is known by the name of “Pink City”. The architecture which is basically seen in this city is of truly Rajputana style. The gross domestic product of Jaipur is 24 billion US dollars. Over the years, this city has progressed with so much pace that today it has its name mentioned in one of the most expensive cities in India. Major BPO has settled here. Further Jaipur is one of the major business hub for diamond, gold and the most importantly stone jewellery. Jaipur is one such place where you feel the royal touch and moreover you will feel to settle down here.


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