Top 10 Things Women Like to Carry in their Handbags

Well, those big bags. You always wonder what women carry in those, and we are not wrong for sure. Just like women keep in wondering what men have in their tool boxes which they love so dearly. It’s not necessary that every woman keeps the same things in their bags, but few things are always common. These are the frequently needed things. If you think that they carry useless things all around, you may be wrong. A woman knows how to care for her near and dear ones and she also knows how to care for her that’s why she knows what things she will need when out for work or leisure. Whenever you are going on an outing you surely take help from your wife or mother to pack up your bags, it’s because their sense of knowing things, without their help you would always miss on something. A woman’s bag is not a mystery and if you are aware what’s inside you will probably agree that these are not muck but necessary things. So, increase you intelligence quotient about women, know what’s inside their mysterious bags. Here we are listing the top ten things you will always find women carrying in their bags, have a look and decide for yourself if it is justified or not?


1. Money


Well, this is what everyone carries, irrespective of what gender you belong to. If you are going out the first thing you are going to need is money. Even if you are going to the neighborhood, you can’t go out without a few notes in your pocket. So this is one of the contents of the women’s bag and is important, no doubts on that for sure. You can’t question on why she is carrying money all the way. Credit cards and debits cards are included in this, carrying a big amount of cash now-a-days is not a very good idea with all that crime going around. And why do one need to carry bundles of notes when just cards will do all the work? And for all those guys who think that why do women need to carry money when they pay all their bills? Well, think again you are mistaken.


2. Make up kit

Make up kit

This is one of the very obvious things women carries in their bags. In fact, most men think that it’s all cosmetics and make up that occupies most of the part of a women’s hand bag. Well, you can’t say most of the part, but yes a part is reserved for these things. You are the one who always want your girl to look nice when she is out with you that’s why she carries all these things to touch up whenever required. So you can not quite complain about it. So, compact powder, base makeup, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye liner, etc, are few of the things which women most probably have in their bags, always.


3. Feminine Products

feminine products

There are other feminine products which women need to carry just in case they need them. Sanitary napkins, Safety pins, and some of them even carry mini sewing kits with them. These can also be said as the emergency products which are needed at times but can’t be found around. These products also reserve a small corner of a woman’s purse.


4. Cell Phone

cell phone

Cell phones are now an integral part of our lives. Even if you are going to take a stroll in the park, you won’t forget to carry your phone. You can forget to put on your running shoes while running but you won’t forget to carry your cell phone. It’s same with women as well. Cell phones are one of the necessary things which just cannot afford to forget at home. While you carry them in your pockets, most of the times, women carry it in their bags. For what is a big bag if it won’t help carry things? So, the small pocket in the bag is the cell phone’s room.


5. Sunglasses/ Scarf


The scorching heat outside is just intolerable. It just not makes you feel hot but effects negatively in other ways too. Your eyes for instance, eyes are a delicate part of your body and you need to care for them. The strong sun rays can prove to be dangerous for your eyes, so there is an ultimate need of carrying sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the sun rays. Another sensitive part of your body is the skin covering it. The ultra violet rays adversely affect your skin making it dark and dull. You can wear full clothes to save yourself from the heat but what about the face. That’s why women carry scarves in their bags to protect their face from tanning and burning. Sunscreen is another idea preferred by many women. And in most of the bags you will find both of it, a scarf as well as a sunscreen lotion.


6. Pain killers

Pain killers

Pain killers are another content of a women’s bag. If you are feeling nauseated, having an headache, or any other common problems, ask the lady next to your desk at your office, you will most probably get what you are looking for. Women always carry pain killers and medicines for certain common problems. An aspirin is a must of all of them. You can also find band-aids in some of the women’s bag. And you can’t complain as well, as safety is no bad. May be someday you need it and she has what you need. So better not to complain and appreciate the habit.


7. Hair Accesories

Hair accessories handbag

Comb, hair clips, rubber bands, hair gel, hair spray are some of the things you will most probably find in a woman’s bag. Women are very conscious about their hair, they want them to look perfect, no matter if its work or hang outs. Women comb and set their hair time to time, so they need to carry these things in their bags as handy. You will always find these items in her bag. May be she can miss one of the things, but comb is surely to be found in every women’s bag.


8. Sanitizer, moisturizer and face wash.


Another things which you always find in a woman’s bag are hand sanitizer, moisturizer and face wash items. Women generally maintain hygiene, that’s why they carry sanitizer with them, in case there is no option to wash their hands before having something. Face wash is also required to get rid of all the dirt on the face. And moisturizer is of course to get rid of the dryness which is just not acceptable to women who love their skin soft every time.


9. Notebook and Pen

Notebook and Pen

A notebook and a pen is a must in every woman’s handbag. They love to keep it handy, the notebook is carried by them to note all the things to do and other important stuffs. From home to office there are hundreds of work a woman has to do in a day, forgetting some of them is no crime, still to make it sure that they do not forget any of it, many women carry with them their things to do notebooks. And a pen’s need with a notebook does not require an explanation for sure.


10. Snacks


Hunger has no time. A break between long hours of work or travelling is justified. But you can’t something around always. So, it’s better to carry something with you which you can much when the little hunger pops up. Some cookies or chips will do. And for diet conscious women, diet controlled snacks are a must, as you are not sure you will get something fat free in a world of junk foods. So, men, next time you feel hungry, the women next, carrying a big bag can help? May be ? Ask at your own risk.


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