Top 10 Ways to Help Environment

You do not like to travel in buses, carpooling doesn’t match your standards, and you love your expensive car, like to drive it to wherever you need to go and why not? This is your status symbol. Isn’t it right? You love to take a long shower and a well-lit home with lights glowing at every corner of the house. But have you ever given a second thought that how adversely it can affect your environment? Surely, you love to go on a holiday in the lap of nature, where there is not industries, hustle-bustle around. Ever wondered that the place where you live has been the same before the forests were cut down to setup cities? It won’t be wrong at all to say that man is becoming greedier day by day. In order to match up his needs or say unhealthy wishes, he is blindly depleting the natural earth. The ruthless use of everything has posed a threat to the earth and its existence. If it goes on like this it won’t be long that everything will finish up and there won’t be anything left for the future generations. The taken for granted usage of water, petrol, electricity is causing a scarcity in earth’s reserves. Many resources take millions of years to form and the speed with which human beings are using it, it’s pretty sure that these resources won’t exist for long and there won’t be any alternative left other than to read it in history books. Can you imagine your life without water, electricity, petrol, paper and plants? Your future generations may be made to live without all these because you are too comfortable in using them in more than needed quantities. The need of the hour is to control this usage to save the resources for the future generations. There are many ways to do so and here we are listing the top ten ways by which you can help saving the environment:


1. Plant a tree

plant a tree

The best way to save the planet is to plant a tree and take a good care of it. Take it a pledge to plant a sapling in your backyard. Not just it will save the planet but also increase the beauty of your surroundings. It is very necessary to keep your green friends around you and remain close to nature.


2. Switch off the light 

switch off the light

The best way to keep your carbon footprints low is by switching of the lights when not in use. For example just switch off your charger when you have finished charging. Remember to turn off the lights and fans while leaving the room. Wash clothes in washing machine when fully loaded. Use energy saving appliances in your place, to make it more eco friendly.


3. Use smarter transport

use smarter transport

Way to reach your work place by carpool rather than by your own car is a smarter step towards saving the planet. Carpools are also fun at the same time if you and your neighbors work at the same place or nearby then just plan carpools. Well said that every bit counts so get to the nearby grocery store by foot or bicycle than to go by your car or motor bike this will not only help you remain healthy but also saves fuel and the planet.


4. Say no to plastic

say no to plastic

Plastic has become a necessary part of our daily life. We use so many plastic products in our day to day life such as polythene bags, plastic cutlery and cups etc. which are use once and thrown away, but these non biodegradable substances add to the pollutants. They clog sewage lines and pollute land and also fatal if swallowed by mistake. So, try to use plastic judiciously and reusing, reducing and recycling plastic is the key for a greener world.


5. Go organic

go organic

Promoting organic foods and beverages is one of the ways to save your environment as processed food consumes energy during the procedure. Freezing and processing of food contribute to the amount of harmful gases like carbon-Di-oxide in the atmosphere by the use of machine which uses energy. And fertilizers and pesticides play havoc to both soil and marine life as they get washed off during rains and mixes with soil or water bodies to increase toxicity in environment. Opting for organic farming and organic foods is a better way to make your surrounding healthy.


6. Proper disposal of chemicals

Proper disposal of chemicals

Harmful toxic chemicals and other waste products are most of the times dumped into oceans and other water bodies directly before proper treatment. This pollutes the environment at a large extent. Proper disposal of industrial as well as domestic waste is necessary as it contaminates the water and changes its, making it unfit for consumption. Waste such as lubricants, paints, detergents etc should be given proper treatment before dumping to water bodies.


7. Save paper 

save paper

Lots of trees are cut every year to fulfil the need of paper not just for writing but for manufacturing disposable cups, handbags, toilet paper etc. Efforts should be made to reduce the use of paper or paper must be recycled in a justified way. Don’t treat your notebooks as a permanent supply from the stationary shop. Make judicial use of paper.


8. Donate your old stuff

Donate your old stuff

You want new clothes and stuffs at every short interval. Well, that’s okay. But what about the old clothes and stuffs? Make a good use of them do not throw them away and let them decay. Donate your old stuff to the poor people; this will do good to them and the environment as well. If you have a lot of plastic stuff to be disposed, donate it to some recycle plant, which can make a better use of them. You are an educated generation so you should behave like one. You know the consequences of polluting the earth. Do not think that you alone cannot do anything about it. Take the initiative, when you will start then people will follow you. That’s how change is brought in the world.


9. Do not litter

do not litter

This is one of the worst habits people have now a days. They are just too lazy to look around for a dustbin and throw their stuffs here and there. You can see people eating chocolates, fruits snacks or anything and throwing the wrapper/peels around. It seems ridiculous to you. But are you sure you do not do this? Next time when you do not feel like going to the dustbin just think of the last time you saw someone littering and the things you thought for them, may be then you will be able to judge yourself well. Littering makes the earth dirty and pollutes it with harmful substances. Most of the things are made up of plastics now-a-days and when you throw them here and there you are probably deleting the chances of its recycling and polluting your environment with it.


10. Save water

save water

Water is one of the most precious elements gifted by nature. And there is no substitute of this elixir of life. Polluting the sources of water will lead to extinction of life from the earth. And nobody will like to drink polluted water. So conserving water should be a major step to save earth from crisis. Few simple steps can help save water like by repairing the leaks, recycling water etc. A large part of the earth is covered by water but the thing to be kept in mind is all the water is not in usable condition. The earth has very lea amount of water which is fit for consumption and there are many places which have acute deficiency of water supply and has to travel miles to get drinking water. So, next time you keep your tap open think about the other part of the world.

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