Top 10 Most Scary Horror Movies List of all Time

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There are a lot of movies that are made each year. Some are based on real life incidents, some are romantic movies, some are comedy movies, some are action movies and some are the horror movies. Here we are taking about the horror movies. Horror movies are those which deals with the fears from which common people is afraid of. There are various supernatural creatures used in those movies that are totally brutal in nature. These supernatural creatures are ghost, vampires, aliens, demons, zombies and many more. Horror films have often attracted a lot of viewer from starting of cinema. These horror movies directly affect the emotional sentiments of the people and scare them to the core. It is said that the majority of the horror movies audience are the young people who are very keen in watching it in groups. This very article is for those people who are very much interested in watching the horror movies and for them we have made the list of the top ten scary horror movies of all times. Here follows the list.


1. Psycho (1960)


According to our list the scariest movie of all time is Psycho which was released in the year 1960. This movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and he was also the producer of the film. The story was taken from the novel which had the same name Psycho written by Robert Bloch. It is about a lady named Marion Crane. She is secretary of Norman Bates. She escapes after taking huge amount of money from her office and lands up in a motel. The owner of the motel was a disturbed one and then a series of incident happen that will for sure frighten you to an extreme limit. This movie is undoubtedly the best horror film that has been made so far. Psycho was appreciated by each and every person who watched and it fulfilled the expectation of truly being a horror movie.


2. Exorcist (1973)


The Exorcist is the film that we have at the number second place here. It was directed by William Friedkin and was released in the year 1973. This American horror movie has everything that one search in such movies and it is sure that you will be hell lot scared watching it. The story revolves around a mother and her daughter. She makes desperate attempts by taking use of the magic from the two priests so that she could get control over her daughter. The exorcism that the priest conducts is very much dangerous and it seems that her desperate attempt would lead both of them in huge trouble. The movie was made using the story that was published in the book named as The Exorcist by the writer named as William Peter Blatty.


3. The Shining (1980)

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The psychological horror film released in the year 1980 named as The Shining is next horror movie in this list. This film was directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick. The story revolves around a writer named as Jack Torrance who also looks after a hotel which has been isolated from the public. His son was a troubled one and had the ability to watch and talk to the people who no longer were part of this world. Somehow his family which included him, his wife and his son got trapped inside the hotel. He gets influenced by the supernatural things that were there in that hotel and tries to kill his son and his wife. The movie has been excellently paced and one will get scared for sure. When you will watch this movie you will fell as if there is some supernatural existence on this planet for sure and it is really very dangerous. This movie will frighten you to an extreme limit.


4. The Grudge (2004)

the grudge

The recently released American horror film named as The Grudge has been given the fourth place in this list. This film was directed by Takashi Shimizu. This followed the series of movie by the same name but we are here talking about its first instalment which was released all over the world on 22nd October 20004. This story filmed in this movie is about a curse that generates when a person dies accompanied by the huge sorrow. There are series of incidents that happen in this movie and they all intersect with each other at one point or the other. This movie when released was said to be the scariest movie of all times and it lived to its expectation to a very large extent. The graphics and the special effects which were provided using modern technologies made things really scary in this movie and it took whole lot of courage to watch this movie alone.


5. Repulsion (1965)


The British horror film has been given the number fifth place in this list. This movie was directed by Roman Polanski and was released in the year 1965. The whole film was shot in London. The story was about Carol Ledoux who lives in London. Due to some incident which happens in his life he began to hallucinate and this hallucination later on takes on a very higher stage resulting into some serious damage. Then happens a series of accident that are not at all natural and brings a lot of trouble for the rest. The film is an excellent horror film with some extraordinary special effects keeping in mind that it was shot in the year 1965. This movie is like a worst nightmare for the common people and it will make them regret as why they decided to watch this horror movie.


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