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A disc jockey (DJ) is a specialist who plays specific genres of music in front of people of different categories in places such as specialized bars, night clubs, private parties and the likes. Many of these types of music professionals nevertheless play recorded music from other producers in one form or another. However, some of them are renowned musicians turned DJs, meaning that in addition to playing other people’s music, they also producer and play their own. Although disc jockeying culture begun in the western countries, over the years there has been a tremendous growth in it and people from all over the world are becoming disc jockeys today. They have made a profession out of it, something that is a health music expansion benefit.

Talented, currently having the time of their lives, and wealthy, here is the list of the world’s best DJs in no particular order.


1. DJ Roger Sanchez from the U.S.

Dj Roger Sanchez

Not only is Roger Sanchez the all favorite DJ in the U.S., he is also a self-made music producer superstar on his own. He is also a music programmer, engineer, songwriter and producer all in one package. One of his own creations a dancehall CD going by the name “Come With Me from Scratch” has spawned numerous club anthems all over the world. The best thing about this very talented DJ is that he is also a radio DJ. For live gigs, he spins all over the world but in places where his skills are in great demand.


2. DJ Avicii from the Sweden

DJ Avicii

This Swedish DJ was born Tim Bergling and has made a name for himself as a world best music remixing wonder boy. At the age of 18 years, DJ AviCii became a music powerhouse after doing a remix for Lazy Jones which is a popular video game for Commodore 64 system. The DJ has toured numerous Western Europe and North America locales spinning favorite house tune discs in full packed clubs and private parties.


3. Deep Dish, Originally from Iran

Deep Dish

Deep Dish consists of a team of two Grammy Award winning disc spinners going by the names Sharam Tayebi and Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia. They migrated to the US and settled in the Washington area in the late 80s and in the 90s, they established their names as no nonsense music producers and disc jockeys. They have released numerous world famous remixed dancehall tunes over the years. They have made a name for themselves as the best international live music DJ and remixer team.


4. DJ Aqeel from India

DJ Aqeel

DJ Aqeel is an Indian nationality, who has expanded disc jockeying to tremendous heights in Asian cities, particularly Mumbai in India where he is based. According to Indian music lovers, DJ Aqeel is undoubtedly the best in India. This can be proven by the sell out events that he performs in all over the place. Apart from the normal disc jockeying undertakings he regularly takes part in at home, he has also performed in a number of international events. DJ Aqeel is not only a popular radio jockey, but he is also a successful music composer and singer. He is married to Farah Ali Khan and has two discs named Hype located in the city of Delhi and Mumbai.


5. Swedish House Mafia from Sweden

Swedish House Mafia

This is a Swedish disc jockeying group that consists of three very talented music superstars. These DJs are Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingresso and Axwell. They promote their trance and dance tunes as a way of life. To say the truth, there have been noteworthy music collaborations amongst the group members enabling them to come up with their own unique much sought after dancehall tunes that are played all over the world in discos, night clubs, parties and so forth. The group booking fees are a closely guarded secret.


6. DJ Gavin Hardkiss from the U.S.

DJ Gavin Hardkiss

This is another world famous DJ from the U.S. who has managed to grab a place for himself in the list of the best disc jockeys around the globe. DJ Hardkiss is one of the biggest names in the American dance music industry. Together with siblings Scott and Robbie, Hardkiss has established himself as a music label boss performer, promoter and disc jockey. He has become a key house music disc jockeying industry figure. His name appears in all track listings and playbills around the world.


7. DJs Murk from the U.S.

DJ Murk

Murk is a team of Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaetan from the United States of America and has come up with many unique dancing, house and body music tunes over the years. Dubbed Murk sounds, their unique tunes are made up of several basic components. These are such as basslines that are too deep, funky sounds from a certain species of frogs, primal incarnations of body and house music and so forth are some of the things that make their tunes unique.


8. DJ Armand Van Helden from the U.S.

DJ Armand Van Helden

Although this DJ from New York seems to have been out of the international disc jockeying scene for a while, preferring to stick to the underground scene, he has released quite a number of world famous music remixes that has grabbed the attention of all dance and house music lovers. One of his much sought after ground breaking and unique mixed CD compilation come blended with the 80s dance music from artists such as Blondie, Yaz and Soft Cell and his current own productions.


9. DJ Junior Vasquez from the U.S.

DJ Junior Vasquez

If you love dance hall music, then you really don’t need to be introduced to DJ Junior Vasquez. To say the truth, this is the only world famous DJ who has stuck to an own unique disc jockeying style. He has continued to produce and spin all times favorite music that clubbing lovers love.


10. DJ Robbie Rivera

DJ Robbie Rivera

He is wicked, juicy and likes sexy things while getting his Funk-a- tron on, or how else can you describe this multitalented and music producer cum DJ? One of his many remixed music productions, the Wicked has the dancing world mesmerized for ages now. With this and many successful productions, DJ Robbie Rivera has a good reason to keep on humming as he goes about what he knows best – disc jockeying.

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