Top 10 Countries With Mail Order Brides

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To start with, mail order brides are a form of arranged marriage between people from different cultures. The men who take part in this form of arranged marriage are from different countries around the world, but normally are away from their motherland. They are basically quite lonely and hence go their way searching for a long term partner for company and comfort in any of the available ways. Simply put, these men want a more permanent company and comfort and that only a marriage can offer as opposed to what is provided by an hourly paid girl or escort.

Mail order brides are sourced from a number of countries, but mostly from the developing ones. These countries include Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Columbia and the likes. On the other hand, mail order grooms are less common and typically implies a man seeking a mail order bride. Mail order husbands have similar intentions to mail order brides – to get a woman to settle down with for life. They simply want to have a more favorable marriage environment. The bride they want depends on personal tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing a long live partner via the mail.

But where really can the mentioned lonely men find the wanted mail order brides? Well, here are some of the countries worth considering if you are one of such lonely men and thus want to find someone to spend your earthly time with. The listed countries for getting a mail order bride are in no particular order:


1. Russia


Russia is considered as the conservative home for sourcing mail order brides. The main reason for this is the biting shortage of marriageable husbands in the country. This being the case, it doesn’t come as a surprise to discover that there are so many Russian women looking for love outside their country or overseas. Russian women are brought up to marry and have children, and therefore their families or society at large expect them to get married at an early age.


2. Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful country with many striking women in terms of their appearance. Furthermore, it is one of the most known countries for sourcing mail order brides. Thailand brides are popular for their great and easy going personalities. It is not hard to find a Thai bride who is want to settle down with a much older man, making them all more well-liked by men all over the world. And if you want to retire overseas with your brand new foreign bride, Thailand is arguably the best destination the world over. Though Thai brides are considered as the best mail order women by the majority of men all over the world, they are facing stiff competition from Philippine and Chinese women.


3. China


China is the newest place for getting mail order brides across the globe. And all for a good reason; the country is awash with many beautiful women who want to get husbands overseas. Though the Chinese culture can be quite complicated and thus confusing for foreigners, it is a good place to source for intelligent and educated women.


4. Ukraine


If you like Eastern Europe women, then you probably should consider Ukrainian brides. To say the truth, if you look on sites such as Elena Models, you will discover that it has many brides from Ukraine. These brides may be confused for Russians but they are really Ukrainians. However, it is good to note that there is really very little difference between Russian or Ukrainian women as they are from the same culture.


5. Philippines


The Philippines is a serious competitor to Thailand when it comes to mail order brides. The women here love and quite beautiful, meaning it is a good place to source for a long life partner. And as it is, there are quite a lot of Filipino ladies on a number of Asian dating sites. The best part of the deal is that the majority of Filipino women are English speaking. So if you come from an English speaking country, then you won’t have any issues dating or even marrying a Filipino woman as opposed to dealing with either Chinese or Thai women. All the same, you really have to be cautious as the number of fraudulently Filipina dating sites is quite alarming.


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