Top 10 Best Countries to Live in the World

It is difficult to narrow down the Top 10 Best countries to live in the World, isn’t it? After all, we’re at least a bit biased towards the places we have lived and experienced in. It is unlikely that any two people would choose the exactly same places as the best to live in the World. No wonder the World is filled with so many wonderful places to explore and settle.


1. China


Many global companies cited China as one of the top ten international destinations to live in. With over One billion people, China is home to almost eighteen percent of the world’s population, making it a first stop for many companies looking for access to a huge marketplace.

When you’re talking about China, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the most desirable places to see. According to a magazine in 2011, Cost of Living Survey, a renter can expect to spend over $3,000 per month on a luxury unfurnished two bedroom apartment. On the other hand, it can be cheap too with flexible rates around the Asian city. China is said to provide vast opportunities and living in the beautiful landscapes is something extraordinary. As the Chinese government keeps the value of its currency artificially low as compared to the dollar, spending here is much easier.


2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Not surprisingly, London is one of the excellent destinations for transferees. According to surveys, the places to live here are apparently Stamford in Lincolnshire, Kendal in Cumbria, Wye in Kent and lastly Thornburry. London itself is one of the most important financial centers in the world. On the other hand, Hart in Hampshire has been named United Kingdom’s most desirable place to live for quality of life. Hart, in the north-east corner of Hampshire, has been dubbed “a step back in time”, with 84 sq miles of green wooded landscape and the county’s largest freshwater lake, Fleet Pond.


3. Singapore


Many companies have identified Singapore as a top destination to live and settle too. Singapore has non-restrictive regulations when it comes to allowing international businesses with countries around the world. The island country has been said to have one of the best Infrastructure. Singapore is the home to one of the five busiest ports in the world. It has a highly developed market-based economy and relies heavily on exports, refining imported goods and manufacturing. Everyone in Singapore, regardless of political stripe, have a healthy respect, perhaps even awe for Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore has one of the best health care infrastructures in the world. It has received countless praises over the years for its role as an easily accessible and affluent financial hub. According to some surveys, Singapore was ranked as the best Asian city to inhabit. It is considered to have a very high quality of living with a truly multi-cultural society living together with four official languages.


4. Germany


Germany and Singapore go hand in hand being tied at when it comes to top international destinations. When it comes to the Privacy Score, Germany ranks the Highest in the world. While the service sector is the backbone of Berlin, other major industries include medical, Information technology, bio-technology and renewable energy sources.

Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital is home to some spectacular architecture, including the Old Opera House and Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and a vibrant cultural scene. The city has excellent hospitals and shops and a thriving economy (with Europe’s second-largest stock exchange and banks such as Deutsche bank. The city is well known for its high quality of living and access to culture and nightlife. Average rents for two bedroom apartments start at $1,500 a month. As always, this range changes depending on amenities, finishes and location. As always Germany is a wonderful country filled with rich historical, cultural and local traditions. It is no wonder; so many people are flocking here to start a new life.


5. Netherlands


This is considered as one of the best places to live in according to the United Nations too. It is usually referred to as the most liberal country in the world. Education in the country has played a vital role in its development. A survey has revealed that Netherlands scored high in education and the average years of education there is 19 – one of the highest averages among all other surveys conducted in the country. Considering the Healthcare system in Netherlands, the system here is based completely on private insurers. In a survey Netherlands was ranked first in a study conducted which compared the healthcare systems in several other countries such as US, Canada, etc.


6. Australia


Australia is referred to as “The Lucky Country” and there are many reasons why that is so. Is it considered as a great place to live in according to the United Nations. According to some, Australia is deriving a good deal from its mineral wealth, the nations mining sector makes up a small portion of GDP too when compared to Norway’s petroleum sector. Canberra, the capital city, is the most popular city for expatriates. The metropolis is ranked one of the most livable cities in the world according to a magazine and has a reputation for commerce overseas. In addition to Australia’s wealth of natural resources, Sydney itself proves to be a vital reserve. International assignees can expect to pay over $2,600 per month for a two bedroom apartment in the city.


7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

This Chinese city-state is usually a place for international transferees. About forty percent of Hong Kong’s territory is protected by lovely parks, representing almost one of the highest proportions in the world. Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers of its currency, the Hong Kong Dollar, is the ninth most traded currency in the world. It is an international finance center and boasts the densest concentration of corporate sectors in Asia. This state is ranked the second behind Singapore in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index which makes it a shoe-in for financial companies looking to expand globally.


8. Brazil


Brazil is a country of great natural beauty. Amazing beaches and rainforests are a few superlative attractions that await visitors. With more than two thousand beaches along Brazil’s shore line and more than one thousand islands dot the Atlantic Ocean within the country’s limits. While of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries.

The vast majority of Brazil’s populations live in cities and towns such as the amazing Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. For hundreds of years, Brazilian culture is a mix of contributions of easily recognizable expressions such as bossa nova, copoeira, and the yellow soccer jersey too.

Lastly, the cuisine that includes open fire pits tended in the open fields of Rio Grande do Sul, the South American cowboys, to upscale restaurants abroad. Having held The Brasil Sabor, the largest culinary festival is also something to see here.


9. Belgium


According to the Human Development Report, that comprises the United Nations’ Human Development Index, Belgium occupies the 17th place of the 180 countries ranked on the basis of living. The Belgium healthcare system is renowned as one of the best in the world as it offers high-quality medical care at a reasonable cost.

Considered having the densest road and rail networks in the world travelling here is very straightforward and you can move around with any means of transport too. Since many Belgians use a language other than their mother tongue on a daily basis and with its three official national languages Belgium is not cultural but multilingual, meaning that Belgian employees are the most productive in the world.


10. India


Two percent of global employers cite India as a location for International assignments.

Many of the assignees are sent to Mumbai, a part of Maharashtra, the most populated city in India and also the sixth most populous in the world. It is considered the commercial center of India, generating nearly 6 percent of its GDP and 25 percent of its industrial output.

This city has interesting locations to see with many cultures to explore and adapt to. Places like Goa, Dehradun, Coimbatore, etc are places to visit in India for its beautiful scenery and moderate climates. India offers a developing consumer market to sheer population and has benefited dramatically from the outsourcing boom of the early 21st century. According to an Index, the average rent for a luxury two bedroom apartment in Mumbai would cost around $3,400 per month.

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