Top 10 Free Things To Do On Your Birthday

There are times when a birthday celebration may seem inconvenient. This is particularly so when you find yourself cash poor on your special day. Fortunately, if you are an innovative type of a person, then there is really no need to worry. Think about all the things you love doing but don’t cost a penny to be accomplished and then settle for some of them on your special day.

As you don’t get a lot of days to pamper yourself during the working year, on your birthday, live it up so as to make up for the lost self pampering time. And whether you think small, big or a little in between, there are a myriad simple life pleasures you can take part in so as to liven the special day that you came into this world. Here some ten simple and free things to do on your birthday, be ready to write it all down!

During the morning hours

1. Get some extra rest in your bed

Get some extra rest

Yes, if it is not a working day, then make sure to spend some extra time on your bed catching up on your lost beauty sleep. The additional sleep hours will do you good in that when you finally wakeup, you will be in great spirits and not forgetting that you will be more relaxed for your special day. It is not often you oversleep and not feel guilty about it and so, just live it up on your birthday.


2. Prepare and eat an indulgent breakfast

eat an indulgent breakfast

Because it is on the day you were born, you will be forgiven for indulging in an elaborate and spirit livening breakfast. Best of all, you don’t even have to prepare an expensive breakfast. Just enjoy yourself with one of your favorite energy boasting drinks and you will be good to go. Take the leisure breakfast sitting on your favorite location in your dwellings. If you got one of those free breakfast vouchers, then it is the time you visited your favorite restaurant for your breakfast. You can decide to invite some friends to accompany you for the special breakfast outing, the choice is all yours. While there, indulge yourself by going for a meal that you don’t consume on a regular basis. And why not, it is your special day! To say the truth, calories do not count on the day you came into this world.


3. Take some additional time for yourself

home-done pedicure

As it is your special day, give yourself a home-done pedicure or a facial or whatever free beauty treatment you can have done at home. If you are a man, then have your girlfriend or wife to treat you to a deep body massage if she can. It is not everyday she does this for you, so enjoy the satisfying comfort that only a close woman in your life can offer.


During the afternoon and evening

4. Go for a picnic

Go for a picnic

Pack a picnic and together with your friends, spend some adequate time together at the park or even a good garden that has sufficient relaxation space.


5. Work on your tan

Work on your tan

If weather permits, this is a good time to work on that tan you are always talking about. Soak up the sun in your backyard or on a beach near your place.


6. Go swimming or to a gym

Go swimming

Again, if the weather is allows, go swimming at a place of your liking. For it to be enjoyable, interest a friend into it. If you still have the energy after the swim, set out for a leisurely walk around the parks or the hills around your place. Remember to pack enough fun snacks for your hike.

If you don’t feel like swimming, then you can certainly visit your favorite gym for a good workout. Nothing can help start a new year in the right track than having a good workout in a good gym. When done, spend some time in a sauna if you can.


7. Spend some time at the mall window shopping

window shopping

If you love spending time at the mall, then this is the right time to do so. Do some old fashioned window shopping even though you won’t be spending a penny buying things while there.


8. Invite a friend for a homemade meal

homemade meal

Everyone loves eating a favorite homemade dish or just a yummy treat that is not eaten on a regular basis at home. This being the case, spending some time in the kitchen preparing a favorite meal is a good way to celebrate a birthday. And while at it, remember to complete the meal with a favorite cake for dessert. To completely enjoy this meal, you may want to invite a few friends over to your place. After the meal, talk about the past happenings and the things you have learnt during the years.


9. Take a lengthy walk with your dog

walk with your dog

If like me you love dogs, then it is the high time you went for a lengthy walk with it. This can be around your neighborhood or any other place of preference. There is certainly nothing like spending a birthday with the man’s best friend. And this can only be your dog.


10. Engage in arts and crafts


If the above activities are not what you call spending a birthday the best way possible, then get in touch with your artsy innovative or creative side. There is a wide array of art and craft activities you can engage in without spending money while at it. For example, if you are good in knitting, then it is the time you started on that cozy sweater you have always wanted to knit. If you are good in crafts such as drawing, making pottery and the likes, then this is a great chance to get started or to put your special talents to use.


All in all, there are endless free activities you can take part in to help make your birthday memorable though short of money. To say the truth, spending money is not the only to enjoy your special day. Put a little effort at things you enjoy and certainly, your day will remain the most memorable for the rest of the year if not years. All things considered, maximally enjoy your birthday!

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