Top 10 Heartbreaker And Tom Petty Songs

Among my favorite music bands of all times is the Heartbreakers and Tom Petty. For a music lover like me, it is quite hard to keep a list of top best songs as there are way too many favorites from different artists. However, some artists are more striking than the others, and thus one can be forgiven for having a soft and special place for them in the heart.

Artists such as Tom Petty and the heartbreakers had the good habit of producing universal hits over and over again. This being the case, it is extra hard for me to keep a list of my favorite ten Tom Petty songs, much less his CDs. As it is, there are pretty few bands that have consistently produced good tracks for long like the heartbreakers and Tom Petty.

While some Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker songs are well known, some of the tracks listed below are less known. However, they have a special meaning in my life. Here are the top ten favorite Tom Petty and Heartbreaker songs, chosen from the 100 or so that I greatly enjoy.


1. Yer So Bad

Yer so bad

This is among the greatest songs ever produced by Tom Petty and his band. The song appears also on several other CDS done by other artists. Its main attraction to me is its unique message of seeing things through hard or rough times. Having the song softly playing in a room is like listening to the singer talking to you on how screwed up his family is. It makes you realize that there are other people in life passing through difficult time with their families but are positively pushing on with their life the best way possible. The songs message could help you through life as well.


2. Two Gunslingers

Two Gunslingers

This track originally is from the “Into the Great Wide Open” album, a song that depicts a great must listen to story. The song is about two men who are expected to fight it out over something, but who decides that it is really stupid to kill each other for other people’s amusement. These two men vow to never fight again in their lives. The mob boos, but a few get the message and decides to break away. This song has a great message for teenagers still in high school who need to get along and at the same time learn to walk away from trouble, even when fighting seems the best option.


3. Won’t Back Down

Won't back down

This is one of my favorite all times Tom Petty songs. Yes, I’m stubborn and when I set my foot down, I can’t yield to pressure or anything else. I particularly, love this one line: “You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won’t crack.” Great message this song has for everyone!


4. You Want it All

You Want it all

This is a great ballad that purely concentrates on Tom Petty bluesy vocals and was originally found on the “Into the Great Wide Open” CD. It is a modern tale of a person experiencing one sad situation after another. The tragedy is that this person can not be able to settle for any content offered to help him solve his issues. You will surely love listening to this song, though a sad one.


5. Mary Jane’s Last Dance

Mary jane's Last Dance

This song was first released with Tom Petty’s “Best Of” album. But what many people who haven’t listened to it don’t know is that it is an ever “new” song. This ever “new” song has become an all time favorite with many Tom Petty aficionadas. With a line such as, I’m tired of screwing up, I’m tired of …, the hit will remain as new as it was originally produced. Similar to so many young people that are stuck to own small worlds, I really did not like growing up. This one particular Tom Petty track really hit home.


6. You Don’t Know How it Feels

You don't know how it feels

This is one of the best and most famous songs from Tom Petty’s amazing “Wild Flowers” CD. Whether you are a college student, a high school student, a sixty year old hippie and so forth, this is a great song for you and that be related to. The song is a great type of poetry with a message that is amazingly universal.


7. Room At The Top

Room at the top

The song is from the “Echoes” CD, a CD with compositions that are really a major departure from the standard Tom Petty work. It is more of a reflective and melancholy CD. In fact Tom Petty himself admitted that this CD revolved around his painful divorce. For example, the song “Room at the top” is a beautiful but rather sad hit on those times a person feels good while in the middle of terrible times, but don’t want to come out of it.


8. Into the Great Wide Open

Into the Great wide open

This is a classic Tom Petty and the heartbreaker songs that is universally liked, and thus widely recognized. It is a story of a rise and a fall and on how it is hard to survive against the set rules, making the song an all favorite with people of all ages. To say the truth, if you ever see Tom Petty performing this track live, your way of thinking will be changed forever.


9. Crawling Back to You

Crawling back to you

This song is from the “Wildflowers” CD and shows Tom Petty indulging in a different style of music. This great musician can still get you with a fast paced rock track, like he does with a slow sad ballad. The tone of this song is what gets to a lot of people. The lyrics remind people of their lowest points in lives and that makes them feel like always crawling around on the floor. The song has helped a lot of troubled people realize that they are not alone in this world, meaning that they can get help if they go seeking for it.


10. Apartment song

Apartment song

This song should just be let speak for itself. It talks about living in an apartment while someone is feeling lonely. Oh, haven’t we all felt that once in our lifetimes at least?

Well, I love listening to Tom Petty music over and over again, but the above ten tracks never get old or tiresome for my listening routine!

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