Top 10 Advantages of Milk for Health

When we were small, we did not know what this white colored drink our parents force us to drink. When we grew up, we were explained the need for milk. Milk is one of the most important elements needed for the growth of our body. The day we are born, the first meal that we receive is the mother’s milk called as ‘colostrum’ which is a rich source of immunity and for the next six months the child is given only mother’s milk. Our body grows and develops from milk. It contains all the proteins, fats, nutrients which we need for our basic process of growth. Deficiency of milk does not show its effects immediately but it harms us in the long run. Without milk our bodies become weak and we become lethargic and our energy levels drop. Pregnant ladies suffer a lot of problems if they are deficient of milk as the baby needs maximum nutrition for the growth and development and the mother too needs it to deliver the baby, kids need it to build up strength in body, etc. It helps to develop the brain, sharpens our memory, make us powerful. Though nowadays we do not get pure milk. Getting milk with half water was okay but the story doesn’t ends here. Nowadays people, for their selfish motive of earning money mix harmful chemicals in our milk just to increase its quantity and not even thinking of the consumers at once, but all we have learn from our childhood is that milk is the most important product for our body and so our mommies don’t get tired to make us drink more of it.

Now let us elaborate 10 advantages of milk for health


1. Proper Growth and Healthy body

healthy body

Milk is essential for the overall growth of the body. It provides us with calcium which is a multipurpose element. Calcium helps us to grow taller, makes our bones stronger, makes our teeth strong, etc. As calcium is needed for so many purposes and is richly found maximum in milk, so milk is needed for the overall growth and development of the body. Milk helps us to grow physically and mentally. Consuming milk every day makes you smarter and healthy as it provides complete nutrition in the form of proteins, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins which are important for the body. So to have a healthy body and avoid diseases and other problems, drink milk regularly.


2. Helps in Digestion


We all prefer to eat junk food nowadays and pay less and less attention to a healthy nutritious diet. The junk food that we eat is made of bad ingredients which disturb the digestive system of our body. Drinking milk helps in keeping the digestive system on track. It provides us with the type of nutrients which prevents our system and helps in proper digestion. Milk contains nutrients like vitamin A, B and D which keeps the digestive system healthy and also helps in the breaking down the nutrients. So drinking milk is important to have a healthy digestive system.


3. Vibrant Skin

Vibrant Skin

Due to so much heat and pollution, the pores of the skin are accumulated with dust and other particles. These particles destroy the skin, making it oily and rough, growing pimples which may lead to acne. We can’t apply cosmetics all the time as it may harm our skin. To prevent your skin from getting rough, drink 2-3 glasses of milk everyday. Milk has nutrients like lactic acid and other amino acids which prevents the skin from the damage and keeps it glowing and smooth. Even cleaning your face with milk can help to remove the dust particles, making it shine again. So milk can prevent our skin from unwanted marks and patches and make us look beautiful.


4. Strong Bones

Strong bones

We all know that to have strong and healthy bones we need calcium and the main ingredient of milk is calcium. If we drink at least 2 glasses of milk each day, our bones get stronger and we are more likely to prevent ourselves from fractures and weakening of the bones. If we don’t drink enough milk, then we start having joint pains due to lack of calcium in later stage of life that may even lead to frequent fracturing of bone called as ‘Osteoporosis’. If we don’t receive proper amount of calcium in our body, symptoms like weak bones, spots on skin, joint pains are seen in an individual’s body.


5. Enduring Muscles

Enduring Muscles

All girls admire strong boys to protect them who are not afraid to fight and all boys want to be that strong muscular guy, whom every girl is fond of. To get that strength and power, body needs proteins and the best source of proteins is milk. To build a good body, we workout and after that to restore the energy, we need a post workout drink. Milk can be a very good option. Milk provides us with proteins to the body which remains for a long time and help to build active and muscular body. So at least a glass of milk is important every day to be strong and healthy.


6. Proper Sleep


In this stressful life many of us are sleep deprived or insomniac these days. We think and think day and night trying to solve our teenage problems, office issues, peer pressure, marriage problems and many more thousands of problems which make sleeping difficult. A glass of milk can be a remedy to the sleeping problems. If we have a glass of warm milk before bed, shut down our phones, computers and other gadgets, lay down on bed we can actually fall asleep because milk contain a type of amino acid which help us sleep. So it is advised to take a glass of milk after dinner to have a good night sleep and prepare ourselves for the tasks of the next day.


7. Beautiful Hair

Beautiful hair

Nowadays the most common hair problem is the hair fall, and many of us suffer from it. It has become hard to grow healthy and long hair. The pollution and all the damaging chemicals in sprays, conditioners destroy our hair making them weak and rough which eventually leads to its falling. They don’t receive the right amount of nutrition required for their growth. So they become dull and fall off easily. Milk helps in the healthy growth of hair. It contains all the proteins, calcium and the minerals needed for the smooth growth of hairs. All these nutrients provided by milk help us grow soft, smooth and beautiful long hairs. So ladies, start drinking the magical white liquid for beautiful silky hair.


8. Prevent from Diseases

Prevent from Diseases

Milk helps our body from a large number of diseases. Milk is considered the best source to prevent memory loss or dementia and the nervous damage of the brain. Milk makes your memory sharp. Cow milk helps to prevent many stomach related diseases and gastric problems too. Cold milk is in fact the best solution for the ones suffering from acidity. It is also found that milk contains such vitamins that can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease which is affecting large number of population. Consumption of milk daily, reduces the chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke. So it is advised to drink more milk to remain healthier and live longer.


9. Strong Teeth

Strong teeth

Milk is also a very much helpful factor for strong teeth. Milk has abundance calcium, phosphorus and iodine needed for sharp and strong teeth. Calcium (a major constituent of enamel of our teeth) helps the teeth to remain healthy and prevent them from cavities or tooth decay and it also makes the jaw bones strong. Iodine protects the teeth and mouth from diseases. Phosphorus makes our gums and jaws stronger. So milk is essential for a child to build healthy and strong teeth.


10. Sharp Brain

Sharp brain

Drinking milk increases the power of the brain. It benefits the new born baby to a 70 year old. Nearly 70 percent of the brain is developed till the age of five years for proper mental and physical growth. Drinking milk is very important. It helps sharpen the memory. A glass of milk everyday makes your performance better day-by-day. It makes you remember things for a long time and thus avoiding confusions. A child with proper milk intake is better in studies and all the other day-to-day tasks than the one who is deficient of it. From childhood, if we consume enough milk required for our body, we can grow out to be the brightest child and also be successful in our lives.

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  1. Ted Szukalski

    What % of water is there and compare it to FAT ? It drives me up the …is to see a senior who’s drinking ‘milk’! Milk is produced for only babies by nature . Have you ever seen a lion suckling a lioness, or a gorilla …etc.and etc.! Marketing is the only reason and again, why is it cheaper to buy a four litre bag/s cheaper than’ a carton ‘of two litres. As for the calcium issue ,the body has an impossible job of utilising it ! Calcium needs[in milk] requires another mineral/vitamin to be adequately absorbed in the body …..As to drinking it for the calcium ..”.I drink it “only because it goes great with a peanut butter sandwich.


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