Top 10 Things you must Remember before getting a Dog in your House

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Today’s trend is all about getting a dog instead of kids. But anyways dogs are treated like children these days. Dogs are creatures to be loved. They should not be left alone. They respond to your love in great ways. They don’t judge us and treat us indifferent like we all do. They follow just a simple policy of love. Those who give them love, they love and protect them. Dogs are more valued by people then their own kids. We love them, feed them, take care of them and treat them with our best possible behavior. Dogs have become a part of a modern family. Dogs are considered more faithful than human beings. But taking care of a dog is not that easy. They are like children. They have to be watched and have to be provided with proper care. We need to clean them, take care of their health, watch out for health issues and their diet. We should be able to provide the environment for them to survive, only then we can keep a dog in our house. So keeping a dog should not only be to protect your house from intruders but to make them feel like home too.

Now let’s look at 10 things we should consider before getting a dog in our house


1. Commitment


The most important thing is Can you commit? Commitment is needed in every relation. You may have to suffer a lot of problems at first, but it is not the end because good times are always around the corner. You have to give your dog a commitment. At the start, you may suffer a lot of problems because of your dog but it doesn’t mean you will give it away. They develop a deep bond of love with the family they live and may get sad if they are sent away. So the most important question you should ask yourself before getting a dog is ‘Can you provide commitment?’ and if you are sure about it, then you should get a dog. You are all set for it.


2. Tolerance power

tolerance power

Bringing a dog to your house needs lot of patience and tolerance power. Every relationship goes through lots of obstacles but it doesn’t mean we end the relation. Same is the relationship with your dog. As they are new to the place, they may cause a lot of mess. You may have to see a lot of accidents before they are trained. They might tear off your favourite gifts right in front of your eyes and you may decide to kill that dog. But that is not the right thing to do. You have to be patient and teach your dog and provide them proper training so that they learn how to behave and when they learn, you will surely have a good relationship with them.


3. Consent of all members

consent on all members

Before getting a dog, you have to make sure that all the members are happy about getting a dog and no one is having any serious medical issues or allergies. Dogs can worsen the situations at times. If any of the member in the family is not comfortable with a dog, then it is better not to get them. Even if you have a small child in your house, it is better not to have a dog. Dogs are very friendly but they can hurt the children with their nails or may injure them. So it is advised to have consent of the family members before getting a dog so that they don’t destroy the family peace.


4. Time to adjust

time to adjust

Anyone who is new to a particular place needs time to adjust and adapt to the place. Same is with the dogs. You have to give them their time to adjust. In the beginning, they might be depressed or sad, may cry at times or be vulnerable and irritate you but you need to be patient. If you can’t tolerate their unusual behavior and might think of stabbing them with a knife, then bringing them to your house is not such a good idea. Give them time to adjust and they will come around soon. Patience is the key with the dogs.


5. Grooming


To differentiate your dog from the street dogs you have to make them look clean and neat otherwise they are no different than the street dogs. You have clean your dog like a baby. You are supposed to brush them 4-5 times a week, keep their nails short so they don’t hurt themselves or others. You have to groom them properly and if you’re working for 15-18 hours a day and you don’t have time for your pet, then bringing them to your house is not a good option but there are many pet saloons popping up nowadays, you can always try them. If you want a pet, you should make time to take care of them.


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