Top 10 Things that Tell that Your Parents Don’t Love You

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Parents are next to God. They love their children very much. They care and nourish them since childhood. But at times, you think that your parents don’t love you. You feel awkward and sad. Your parents also want you to fulfill their wishes and they may also be sad and disappointed from you many a times and also get angry and the kids feel that their parents don’t love them and treat them badly.

This article is basically about the things or behaviour of your parents from which you would come to know that your parents shower love on you. Below are few points regarding your parents behaviour.


1. Don’t share things with you

share things

Parents should be very much frank with the kids like their friends. They should share everything with their kids. If your parents don’t share their important things with you, you may feel left out and also that you don’t have much importance in their life. You would get a negative feeling that if your parents really love you they may would have shared things with you. You see many of your friends telling you stories related to their parents and you would really feel sad if your parents don’t share much with you. You feel left out and also don’t feel important to the parents.


2. Always scold you


You would feel very bad when you are always scolded by your parents. Many a times, you are scolded mainly because of your sibling. You would always feel that your parents love your sibling more than you. They also don’t even love you. You would not want to spend quality time with your parents as they always scold you. You may be in your room always or hanging out with your friends rather than spending or sharing things with your parents. If you have done something wrong, you should confess it to your parents then they would love you and you may get very little scolding.


3. Don’t treat you nicely

don't treat you nicely

You feel isolated when your parents don’t treat you nicely i.e. if they don’t behave properly with you. Sometimes, your parents don’t talk to you nicely because of their mood or any sort of work related pressure. Whenever your parents are having a fight, dare not interrupt or you will be in danger. Never ever argue back whenever you have a fight with your parents. You will feel very bad when your parents don’t behave properly with you and whenever you and your kin have a fight, your parents will automatically take their side and ask you to not to fight with your sibling over small issues. They scold you more than your siblings.


4. Don’t buy you things

buy you things

You will feel very bad, frustrated and depressed when your parents don’t buy you things. For example, if they promised to buy you a PlayStation, then they deny that they will not let you buy a PlayStation. You will feel very sad as they broke their promise. You will feel that they don’t love you that’s why they don’t buy you your desired things. Many of your friends would show off their new things, which their parents bought or gifted them, and you would automatically feel depressed that your parents don’t gift you your desired items. Children feel humiliated on being disrespected by the parents and also if they break their promises. Many kids have told their friends about their new gifts but many parents don’t let them buy new gifts then their friends will also make fun of them. They would feel ashamed.


5. Argue with you


Whenever you and your parents argue over a issue and they scold you very badly, then you would conclude that your parents don’t love you. You really feel very bad. You get hurt as you are very close to your parents and they only scold you. In anger, you also even say to them that they don’t love you, they don’t say care and affection towards you. Your parents will also get hurt by hearing all this. While arguing very much, you also get beaten up and think that wish you had different parents. You wish you had parents similar to that of one of your friend , as you find their parents more loving then yours.


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