Top 10 Best Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are semi-automatic rifles and are very dangerous. Because they have highly powered rounds, which can do a lot of damage, they are standard weapons of the modern army. They have low accuracy and are little cheaper. Also they can fire the rounds very fast and most of them also have the telescopic view too. They are short range guns. The fully automatic firing is easy in these types of guns. It can be changed into both semi and fully automatic which means it may fire one round per pressing of trigger or multiple rounds. It conserves ammo. The rate of fire is the most important factor. The weight of the gun is lighter and the recoil too, is good. It has detachable magazines. They are short and compact and have more power than the sub machine guns. Some of them are fitted with grenade launchers too. Now there is multi caliber ability in some of the high tech guns. And are made of light weight material. And have good aiming system. Laser light and infrared vision is also enabled in some guns and they are specially made dust and heat proof. Now the new AR come equipped with Bolt action and Drop free magazines. The most dangerous of them are:


1. M4 Carbine

M4 Carbine

It was originated in USA and was introduced in 1994 and is being used till present. It is used in Afghanistan and Iraq war. It is manufactured by Colt Defense. It supports 5.56 mm rounds. It is having gas operated and rotating bolt action. It fires 950 rpm. Its muzzle velocity is 910 m/s. Its effective range is 600 m. Its fed on 30 box magazine and supports various optics. It is basically a shorter and a lighter version of M16. It is good for close quarter fight due to its smaller barrel. A stand can also be attached and a grenade launcher too. It is going to replace M16 in US military. In the initial stages of M4 there were some problems but they were fixed up by colt. Initially M4 had flattened telescoping stock but now it has been made a little curvaceous. It is adequate weapon for majority of troops and its price is also acceptable. It makes it ideal for CQB. It is adopted by 20 other countries like Australia, Colombia, Canada, India etc. The individual owners can take it only under special circumstances. Its remarkable accuracy and firepower make it the perfect assault rifle.




This bull pup type weapon was made in Israel. It has been used in different operations like Hot Winter and others and has been not used in wars. It can fire 900 rpm. It has muzzle velocity of 910 m/s. It has a 30 round magazine and supports different sights with IP and laser pointers. It is the future assault rifle of Israeli Forces. This type of design is effective on corners and is very good in urban warfare. It is waterproof and lightweight. It can also be fitted with grenade launcher. It is designed for special units. India, Brazil and Georgia are some of the international users of this gun. It is little expensive and can be counted under one of the modern assault rifles which has replaced many other operational assault rifles.




SCAR stands for Special operation forces Combat Assault Rifles. It was introduced in 2009 and is being used till present. It has taken part in Afghanistan and mexican Drug wars. It has short stroked gas piston. It has effective range of 700 m. It supports 20 round magazine and is compatible with many sights too. After some days of its testing it was allotted to the USA troops. It is having powerful firepower. Even it is accurate too. it is having picattiny rail. The optics and other accessories flips down without any obstruction. On a whole it is deadly weapon with remarkable accuracy and nice firepower. This AR is favorites of many people


4. Steyr Aug

Steyr Aug

It is an Austrian bullpup designed assault rifle. It is in service from 1978 and is being used till present. It has taken part in Syrian war, Afghanistan war and Iraq war. It fires 660 rpm. It has muzzle velocity of 950 m/s. It is having an effective range of 300 m. Its maximum range is 2700 m. It also has various optics. it has been adopted by many armies like that of Argentina, Ireland and pakistan etc. Pulling the trigger halfway produces semi automatic fire and pulling it the whole way produces fully automatic fire. It can be conveniently used by left handed shooters.


5. BushMaster ACR

BushMaster ACR

It was made in USA in 2006 and was used in Afghanistan. It works on gas piston and rotating bolt. It has a muzzle velocity of 990 m/s. And has an effective range of 500m and has 30 round magazine. It also supports sight. It is used bu US Army and was made as an update for Masada Adaptive Combat system. It represented several rifle designs. It had adjustable gas regulator, non-reciprocating charging handle, and storage compartments located in the stock. It was licensed to Bushmaster. Semi-automatic versions were there for the user market and selective fire version for the military.




It was made by France in 1981. It is used in Gulf war and Afghanistan War. It can fire an unbeatable 1100 rounds per minute and has a muzzle velocity of 925 m/s and has effective range of 450 m. It is fed on 30 round magazine and sight of Rear aperture fitted with night inserts, front post. It is of Bullpup design. In this type of design the magazine is fitted behind the trigger. It uses lever delayed blowback action which is used in prototypes and machine guns. Even when a person is wearing gloves he can approach the trigger accurately. It can use bipod and rifle grenades and anti-vehicle ammo can also be attached. But it is having many flaws too.


7. Heckler And Koch G36

Heckler And Koch G36

It was introduced in Germany in 1997. So far it has been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico Drug War. It works on short stroke piston and rotating Bolt. It can fire 750 rounds in a minute. Its effective range is 800 m and is fed on 100 rounds drum magazine or 30 rounds magazine. It uses reflex sight with 3 magnifications. There is Fire selector options and bipod can be attached. Grenade launcher can also be attached. It is used by many countries in the armed forces and also some of the special Police. A deflector keeps cases from striking the left handed users.




It was developed by Belgian Armed Forces in 1970 and is used in Anti-guerrilla operations in Indonesia and Niger Delta. Indonesia purchased 10000 pieces and later manufactured them. It has gas based operating system and rotatory bolt locking. It has a flash suppressor which is used to launch grenades. It can fire 675 rounds in one minute and its effective range is 400 m and is fed on 30 round magazine. It also has adjustable sights. A blade or Bipod can also be attached.


9. AK47


This was a revolutionary AR as it is cheap and reliable. It was one of the first Assault Rifles. It was made by Soviet Union in 1949. About 75 million AK47 have been made till now. It is gas operated and are of rotating bolt. No doubt it was the best at its time but now many modernized weapons have left it behind. It is still used due to its cheapness. It can fire 100 rounds in a minute and is fed on 30 rounds mag. They are durable and easy to use. It also may have many kinds of sights. Also it produces fatal wounds on the body. It has a range of 350 m. And has acceptable accuracy. First It magazines weighed a lot that is why it had to be replaced by plastic ones. Drum magazines could also be attached. It is used by many terrorist groups and is smuggled too.


10. M16


This gun was introduced by USA in 1963 and is in use till present. It had been used in Gulf war, Vietnam war, Iraq, Afghanistan war and many civil wars. Around 11 million M16 are built till now. Its fed on 5.6 mm ammo. It can fire 60 rounds per minute with a range of 800 m. Its fed on 30 rounds magazine and meant for jungle warfare. It has been adopted by many countries. It is lightweight and gas operated. The smaller ammo allows the soldiers to take more ammo. Many kinds of telescopes and grenade launchers can be attached to it.

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  1. Halidom

    AK47 – Also it produces fatal wounds on the body. Don’t all of them do that?

  2. Ed

    Who writes these descriptions? It reads like someone translating into English from another language..”also produces fatal wounds”?

  3. Thane

    You clearly know nothing about guns, AK47’s have a rate of fire of 600, not 100, and M16’s have much higher, you’re saying they can only shoot 1 bullet pet second? Wow… Also, you’re saying these are the deadliest? Their not the deadliest, their just the most commonly used, and the AK should be at the top of this list. You also say their meant for close range and are very inaccurate? That’s stupid, their meant for medium range and are usually very accurate.


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