Top 10 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

All of us love celebrating our birthdays, right? Intimate birthday gatherings, traditional steamers and balloons, surprise parties and the likes are some physical symbols of life celebrations. There are some people like me who like celebrating the special day the best possible way and all without overspending, while others like to celebrate their birthdays for a whole week or even a month. Anyway, who doesn’t love cerebrating his or her birthday?

Believe me or not, there is a rare person who doesn’t want anything to do with the celebrations that typically announces the day they were born. Although their friends, family members, acquaintances and the likes want to celebrate their existence, they do everything to discourage it. Fortunately, this group of people forms the minority in the society.

All in all, when deciding on what to do during your special day, an important thing to do is to plan ahead of time. For example, if your wish is to spend some adequate time with your family or even friends, then there is a need to ensure that they will be available for the day. Another important thing to keep in consideration is the set budget. You really don’t want the big day to come only to find yourself cashless. If you are among the people who like me prefer celebrating the big day in style, here then are some fun activities in which you can take part in so as to make the special day all more memorable.


1. Test drive a dream car

Test drive a dream car

Yes, go to that motor vehicle dealer and request to be allowed to drive test a new range of a dream car. Every person, women or men has a soft spot for that one car they always wish they could own. Well, if you could not own, then certainly you could drive it instead. Believe me or not, this will make your special day all more memorable.


2. Rent a good motorbike and whiz around the countryside

Rent a good motorbike

Though it is not everybody that can ride a bike, riding a good one around the countryside is a fun and educative way to enjoy your birthday. To make the ride even more enjoyable, be sure to take a good friend, spouse, partner or anyone else you are close to on a ride along the coast, through the countryside, in the mountains or any other place of preference.


3. Swim with the dolphins

Swim with the dolphins

Swimming with aquatic animals such as dolphins is something that is really enthralling. And best of all, these ocean habitants are quite safe and fun to swim alongside. There are a number of places that have these sorts of attractions in the country and charge quite affordable fees for a one of kind type of swimming encounter.


4. Indulge in extreme types of sporting activities

Extreme sport activity

If you like extreme sports, then on your birthday, you can try your hand at different extreme sporting activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, wakeboarding, river rafting, mountain biking, speed skiing, barefoot skiing and the likes, the choice is all yours.


5. Watch the latest movies with a group of friends

watch the latest movies

Invite a group of your friends to your place to watch the latest movies showing in your local movie theatres. You will really enjoy the fun that can only be possible through the sharing or enjoying an activity in company of your friends. Watching three to four current films that are currently playing in the local theatres will make the day all more thrilling and memorable.


6. Visit the museum

Visit the museum

If you are a history buff, then spending a day at a museum will make all the difference on your special day. Take a trip to a museum you have never visited in your country and explore all the delights in there. This is a sure way of making your special day all more splendid.


7. Opt for a complete makeover

complete makeover

This may a sound a bit off your ways but it is one of the best strategies to make a special day the talk of your friends. After all, you want your special day to be memorable, and how can you accomplish this other than going for a complete makeover. Regardless of your gender or age, a complete makeover is a something quite morale boosting. Furthermore, it will make you forget you are quickly getting old.


8. Party with strangers

party with strangers

You don’t always go your way partying with total strangers, but today is you special day and hence you will be forgiven. Yes, for once, be kind and nice to people you don’t know. Make plans for your birthday to be held at a retirement home, children orphanage or any other places such as these. Not only will you have the best of time, you will also bring much joy to other people as well.


9. Go camping

Go camping

Spending a day deep into the bush camping with a select group of your friends or family members will make your special day the most memorable of them all. Yes, get away from civilization for a couple of days to enjoy being the same with the natural surroundings. You will have a lot of fun moments with people you care for the most in this world.


10. Spend the day partying at the beach

partying at the beach

There is nothing like a day spent playing and partying at the beach. Take part playing games such as skate, sail, riding a hydrobike, volleyball, surfing, snorkeling and the likes with your friends Set up a barbecue, open a few bottles of favorite drinks and your party will be the talk of the town. Later, on, watch the sun going down and then light a bonfire. Watch the stars as the night goes on and sing favorite songs with your friends. Play the best dance music and dance the night away.


All in all, there are many fun activities you can take part in for an enjoyable birthday commemoration. The choice of an activity to take part in is all yours. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to take pictures of the fun activities you are taking in. These will help make a yearly album of memories to share with your friends and family members as years goes by.

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